Zhou Yuelong: Everything is the best start

As of March 26, Beijing time, nearly 10,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the UK. Many Chinese snooker players in the UK began to arrange to return to China according to their own circumstances, and Zhou Yuelong from Chengdu was the first to return to China. Before the announcement of the postponement of the World Snooker Championship, he decisively chose to return to China.

Zhou Yuelong: Everything is the best start

Why Zhou Yuelong was able to act so decisively, this may have something to do with his early experience and mature personality.

“Different choices make life different. There is no right or wrong. I never regret taking this path. If you get something, you will lose it. People want to succeed.” A few years ago, Zhou Yuelong went to the UK to start his career. , Has left such words. Standing at the crossroads of life, Zhou Yuelong had his own ideas about life choices.

When I first arrived in Sheffield, the boring life revolved around the 16-year-old boy. He hits the ball frantically every day, picks up the ball, swings the ball, monotonous life, repetitive movements, leaving many unforgettable memories in his young heart.

And Zhou Yuelong did not live up to his parents’ expectations and made his mark in major competitions. In 2015, he partnered with Yan Bingtao, who was two years younger than himself, and won the Snooker World Cup, shocking the world.

Zhou Yuelong: Everything is the best start

In recent years, Zhou Yuelong has been playing steadily and has gradually grown from a rookie that year to a high-profile star. Although he is still very young, he has a rare age of youth. The calm attitude and confident expression on the court are exactly the same as the early Ding Junhui.

In August 2017, the Snooker China Championship was held in Guangzhou. Some famous players have been counterattacked by teenagers. Among them, Zhou Yuelong was the first to beat the world number one Selby 5-4. Since then, this young player with extremely stable character and style of play began his attacking road.

In February 2019, Zhou Yuelong scored a 147 in the Snooker India Open. This was the first full score in his career (also the 89th 147 witnessed by the star).

In January 2020, at the Snooker European Masters, Zhou Yuelong broke into the ranked final for the first time, although he was swept by Robertson 0-9 in the final. But after the game, everyone encouraged and praised the teenager more. “We think you are great. This is an attempt. You ranked 35 before the game. Now you are in the top 32. You are moving in the right direction. We hope to see you in the final again.” The host said.

Zhou Yuelong: Everything is the best start

“I haven’t been to the finals before. I thought about going to the finals, but this time I went to the finals, my heart was very calm, I didn’t have a lot of distracting thoughts, I didn’t even get nervous in the semifinals, which was completely different from what I expected before.” Zhou Yuelong said that it is regrettable to miss the first title in the rankings with such a big score, but he has already refreshed his personal best record. The sentence “Everything is not so bad” won the warm applause of the audience.

Among China’s “post-95” and “post-00” snooker teams, Zhou Yuelong’s talent is not the highest, not the best, nor the first to reach the finals, but he never forgets who liked snooker at the beginning. The original intention is to stay motivated, invest in more difficult exercises and competitions, and treat people who meet on the field with sincerity and strength, “No matter who the opponent is, you only need to concentrate on being yourself.”

Zhou Yuelong’s career so far can be summarized as “jumping fluctuations, but the general trend is steadily upward”. Lost loss, losing streak, miserable defeat, and reversal did not cause much fluctuation to the calm him. After going through hardships and quietly taking the lead, I also hope that Zhou Yuelong will continue to play steadily in the next games and work hard to hit the TOP16 and the first championship in the ranking.

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