Higgins adds another two breaks to the World Championship finals, temporarily 7-10 gold left hand

In the early morning of May 7th, Beijing time, the 2018 World Snooker Championships ended the second stage of the finals. Higgins, who fell behind 3-5 in the first stage, added two more shots to break the 100, and once drew Williams 7-7, but finally ended the first 17 games with a difference of 7-10 in three games.


In the first stage, Higgins entered the state slowly, losing the first four games and falling behind 0-4. After the break, he improved. In the fifth inning, he finished the first shot of the final with 119 points and broke 100. In the first eight games, he fell behind Williams 3-5 by two games.

The game entered the second stage, the firepower of the two increased, Williams scored the 9th inning with 72 points, but he quickly incurred a strong counterattack from Higgins with 51 points and 127 points on a single stroke, Higgins 5-6 Only one game behind.

Williams attacked several times to win the 12th game 76-12. Higgins continued his fiery offensive posture. After scoring the 13th inning with 56 points in a single stroke, he completed his third stroke in the final with 117 points in a single stroke, tying Williams 7-7 in one fell swoop.

The wizard’s aggressive play inspired Jin’s fighting spirit with his left hand. Then, Jin’s left hand also strengthened his firepower. After 118 points in a single shot, he scored his first shot in the final. Kings distance.

In the last round of the second stage, the two switched from offense to defense. In the end, Williams seized the key opportunity to win the game 80-43. The two sides played against each other in 17 games before the end of 10-7, and Williams continued to lead.

35 rounds and 18 wins will be used in the final (8/9/8/10 four stages). The third stage of the match between the two sides will be held at 21:00 Beijing time tonight.

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