Rockets really want to withdraw from the World Championships? Saying that you don’t need money and you are not afraid of being kicked out

From the 6-0 sweep to the 1-6 sweep, O’Sullivan took his fans on a thrilling “roller coaster” at this year’s Masters. After the game, O’Sullivan once again revealed that he might withdraw from this year’s World Championships, but also did not forget to bomb Hearn.


In the first round, O’Sullivan was like no one, and Fu Jiajun was beaten 6-0 with no strength to fight back. In the second round, he played against Mark Allen. In the first game, he looked normal, and he showed 75 points as soon as he came out. However, O’Sullivan’s performance was shocking. The predatory rocket suddenly disappeared and turned into an assist for the opponent. In the end, the Rockets fell to the ground at an incredible speed, 1-6 hurriedly stopped the quarterfinals.

After the game, O’Sullivan started clamoring to abandon snooker, and once again claimed to abandon this year’s World Championships. Previously, he had revealed that in order to participate in a reality show, he is likely to withdraw from the World Championships held in April and May this year.

“I know what everyone said to me is not serious, but I may indeed miss this year’s World Championships,” O’Sullivan said in an interview with local British media. The Rockets further stated that they had different reasons for returning to Snooker, one of which was just to pass the time.

As we all know, O’Sullivan has been guilty of “retirement” since his youth. A few years ago, he had an off-season for nearly a year, and then returned and continued to expand his results in the three major tournaments. The erratic personality of this snooker genius is indeed incomprehensible.

On the same day, O’Sullivan also opened fire to Barry Hearn, president of World Snooker Company: “I don’t want to be an employee of Barry Hearn. He likes to drive you to keep working. I don’t like that by nature.” Liwen pessimistically believes that this situation will not change soon.

“If you have nothing, then snooker is very good, because there are many events, there are many opportunities. But for some top players, I believe they find it very difficult.”

“I’m lucky, I don’t need the money, but there is some value in it.” O’Sullivan said that he was not afraid of being driven or being driven out of the car. “They can do that-but I really don’t care! I follow my inner thoughts and do what I think is right.”

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