Women’s World Championship winner will be selected

On July 18, 2019, the global snooker billiards announced that it has carried out an adjustment to the qualifications of the snooker championship in the new season-the women’s snooker world championships will receive the qualifications for the competition. As a result, the “Queen” Century Lion Evans, who won the 12th overall championship of this competition in 2019, has the hope of being elected. The prerequisite is that in the next 7 races, 3 championships and previous repeated championships will be created.

The 2019 Snooker Championship will be held from November 4-10 at the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry. At this stage, 27 seats in the existing 25 races are qualified for the championship. Among them, there are 18 races that have been completed, including 10 places within O’Sullivan, Trump, Allen, Robertson, and Higgins. Participants get the qualification for the competition.

The global snooker billiards recently stated in a statement that the women’s snooker world championship champion will be qualified for the competition. Its draft qualification is ranked 27th after the 6th Red World Championships championship, which is the final grade for the qualifications to be elected. In June 2019, Century Lion Evans won the Women’s Snooker World Championship in Bangkok, Thailand. It was her 12th time in this competition. This means that in the future 7 races, if there are 3 championships and repeated previous championships, then Century Lions Evans will be able to appear in the crown.

Barry Hearn, the current chairman of Matchroom, said: “With full consideration of the continuous development trend of women’s snooker fitness, people recognize the contribution of the global women’s snooker championship. Not only in 2019, but also permanently becoming the champion. The criteria for the election of the crown.”

The championship is an open competition, and its total championship reward reaches 150,000. Since the restoration in 2013, O’Sullivan has reached the finals 5 times in 6 competitions and won the championship 3 times. Higgins, Robertson and Murphy have also raised the championship medals.

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