O’Sullivan breaks 100 in three shots at Grand Prix, 4-3 lore, Liang Wenbo advances to the quarterfinals

In the second round of the 2020 Snooker World Grand Prix, O’Sullivan faced Liang Wenbo and scored three shots to break the 100th. He was chased to 3 draws with a 2-0 and 3-2 lead, but finally passed. The deciding game won 4-3 and reached the quarterfinals of this grand prix.

Osali Text Grand Prix staged his 2020 debut, defeating Gilbert 4-3 in the first round to advance. Liang Wenbo eliminated Mark Allen 4-2 in the first round. When looking forward to the second round of the contest with O’Sullivan, he bluntly said that although he was playing against his friends, he did not consider friendship on the court. The two sides have faced each other ten times before, and O’Sullivan has the absolute upper hand with 9 wins and 1 loss. Liang Wenbo’s only win was in the first round of the 2013 National Championships, when he defeated O’Sullivan 6-4.

In the first game, Liang Wenbo took the opportunity first and made a mistake after scoring 16 points. O’Sullivan quickly found the touch, hit a full shot and scored 120 points. O’Sullivan was still unstoppable in the second game. After getting started, he broke 100 points in two consecutive games, and again won by 122-4 with 100 points. O’Sullivan still had a chance to win the third game, but Liang Wenbo took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes and scored 56 points in a single stroke to catch up with a 70-51 victory. In the fourth game, both sides competed for defense. There were several phone meetings. Liang Wenbo grasped the situation and caught up to 2 draws 64-38.

After O’Sullivan scored in the fifth round of the long stage, he fully started his hand. The touch was still very hot. He broke the third stroke of the game and scored 132 points and won the match point. In the sixth inning, Liang Wenbo fought back, but still withstood the pressure, retaliating to O’Sullivan for 74 points on a single stroke, the same one-shot victory, and a zero cover to save the match point tenaciously to 3 draws.

Liang Wenbo first got the chance to score 32 points in the deciding game, and made a mistake in the offensive basketball. O’Sullivan scored 47 points and missed the last red ball. Liang Wenbo scored the red ball and called the pink ball. He then scored the yellow ball but failed to connect to the green ball. He made a mistake in snooker through the coffee ball. O’Sullivan scored 67-48 thrillingly, with a total score of 4. -3 Eliminated Liang Wenbo and entered the quarterfinals.

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