Yan Bingtao, Xiao Guodong, missed the top 8 in China, rocket lore wizard 91 three tigers shortlisted

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association Beijing time in the early morning of October 20th, the top 8 of the 2017 Snooker England Open was produced. With Yan Bingtao and Xiao Guodong stopping in the fourth round, the Chinese Army has all been eliminated. O’Sullivan maintained a strong combat power. After defeating Chinese player Zhang Yong, he staged a hearty battle with Higgins. In the end, the Rockets staged a lore 4-3 and broke into the top 8 generals against Lisofs. base. What is striking is that the “91 three tigers” also gathered in the top 8.


Double matches on the same day. For Chinese players, Shaanxi teenager Chen Zifan lost 1-4 to Indian player Mehta; Zhang Yong 1-4 lost to O’Sullivan with three shots 120+; after 00 Yuan Sijun was taken 2-4 by Thai king Watana , The three youngsters all stopped at the same time after breaking into the top 32 of the regular rankings for the first time.

In a derby game, Liang Wenbo, who had a gorgeous score of 147 points in the last round, felt cool. After 0-4, Yan Bingtao swept through 00. The defending champion also stopped in the top 32. Xiao Guodong eliminated the world’s No. 1 Selby 4-1 and shared two seats in the top 16 with Yan Bingtao.

In the 1/8 finals, Yan Bingtao scored 72 and 111 points in a single stroke, leading Scottish star McGill 2-1 and 3-2. However, at the critical moment, Yan Bingtao missed the opportunity. McGill reversed it by winning two games in a row. In this game, McGill completed a one-shot break and two-shot 70+. Yan Bingtao broke into the top 16 of the event for two consecutive years and failed to change. further.

Xiao Guodong lost 0-4 to another post-90s leader, Karen Wilson, and the England star scored 109, 106 and 97 points in a single stroke in three games after the game. So far, the 23-member Chinese Legion has all been eliminated.


On the same day, O’Sullivan undertook Zhang Yonghou in the 1/8 finals with John Higgins, who was also one of the 75 best, staged a hearty battle. Higgins scored 138 points in one shot, plus two shots of 70+, three times in the lead and was tied by O’Sullivan three times. In these three games, the Rockets also won by one stroke, with 88 points, 84 points and 60 points in a single stroke. In the deciding game, the Rockets took the lead to find a breakthrough and sealed their throat with a single shot with 90 points and a sword, so O’Sullivan beat Higgins 4-3 unstoppable and broke into the top 8. In the quarter-finals, O’Sullivan’s opponent was his English fellow Lisowski, who defeated Mark Williams 4-2 in the match of the day and then beat last year’s runner-up 4-3 two weeks ago. Trump, who won his eighth ranked championship in his career at the European Masters, had broken his dream of winning the championship back-to-back.

Usenbach from Switzerland is undoubtedly the biggest dark horse in this competition. After taking Carrington 4-2 that day, he scored 76 points, 82 points and 123 points in a single shot to beat the world No. 5 Sean 4-1. Murphy, broke into the top 8 rankings for the first time in his career. In the quarter-finals, the 21-year-old Ussenbach will face Michael White, who will advance after a 4-0 sweep of Wollaston and a 4-3 win over Wattana.

The other two quarter-finals were McGill VS Robertson, and Karen Wilson VS Wafi.

McGill, Jr. White and Karen Wilson were all born in 1991. The three are from Scotland, Wales and England, just like Higgins, Williams and O’Sullivan. Under the grim situation that the post-80s led by the 75 Sanjie and Selby Ding Junhui continue to firmly control the stage, the three have proved their strength with tenacious fighting spirit and have had more than two trips to the ranking finals. At least once won the championship, far behind the other 90s, can be called the “91 three tigers” in Taiwan. The “91 three tigers” gathered in the top 8 rankings, perhaps heralding the dawn of their era.

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