World masters come to China to challenge a Chinese eight-ball brother who swears to the death to defend China’s glory

Xingpai pool table. Everyone’s reference answers will be different, but it’s not easy to avoid him-Zheng Yubo! Zheng Yubo’s test scores in the Chinese billiard industry can be called the level of myths and legends. Therefore, “Chinese Billiards Zheng Yubo Global Competition “From the time of preparation, it caused widespread concern.

On March 19th, China time, the organizer of the “Chinese Billiard Zheng Yubo Global Competition” is finalized. The event will be held on March 29 and 30. The event will be divided into four parts. The total time of the event may exceed 10 hours. At that time, “China Sports” will carry out a full-line high-definition live broadcast of the event. Coupled with real-time related small video reports, live room gift feedback activities and other interactive exchange theme activities, “China Sports” will present a unique Chinese billiard event for football fans.

Why is Zheng Yubo called “the first person in Chinese billiards”?

As Chinese billiards has become more and more concerned around the world, disputes about who is the first Chinese billiards person have been one after another.

In 2018, Zheng Yubo, the “hero of the king” in the Chinese billiards industry, was once again splendid: in the Chinese eight-ball international championship in January, Zheng Yubo defeated Zhang Kunpeng 19-9 in the finals and won the championship with a seven-game winning test score; In the 4th Chinese Billiards World Championships in March, Zheng Yubo reached the finals all the way and became the only player in our country. He suffered from the American master Charles Merlin. In the situation of 4 to 10 outdated, Zheng Yubo started 4 bombs and 8 games. In the wonderful moment of Qing Dynasty, the final 21-19 reversal was successful and won the championship of the Chinese Billiards World Championship for our country; in the September Chinese Billiards East and West National Champions Challenge, Zheng Yubo and the American “combat” Gareth Bo The battle between the two kings and kings ended with Zheng Yubo’s 13-10 victory!

In one year, he won three heavy news-level Chinese billiards national championships. For a time, the appeals of “the first Chinese billiards-Zheng Yubo” one after another, his pioneering work was also called “unprecedented and unprecedented” by the news media, “Zheng Yubo” Created the myth and legend of billiards belonging to itself”!

Who will try Zheng Yubo?

Naturally, there have always been different noises about “who is the first Chinese billiard player?” Chu Bingjie, who has won four championships in six months, Yang Fan, who “the more he wins, the more sensible”, the American basketball star Gareth Potts, who won three championships in the New Chinese Championship, etc., are often in the hearts of football fans. Too heavy.

“Chinese Billiards Zheng Yubo Global Competition” will invite the world’s top Chinese billiard players to test Zheng Yubo for the ultimate showdown. The candidates include Potts, Merlin, and even snooker stars Selby, Stephen Lee and many other great gods!

“Chinese Billiards Zheng Yubo Global Contest” The overall champion is more than 100,000 yuan, and the second runner-up is more than 50,000 yuan. The tournament will use 65 rounds of 33 wins and will be divided into four time periods. On the 29th, 18:00-24:00 and 30 From 18:00 to 24:00 on the day, there will be more than 10 hours of exciting events in two days.

Zheng Yubo said: “I really hope that this game, no matter who the enemy is, no matter which country he comes from, I will understand that the strongest Chinese billiards must be in my country! It is my self-confidence to get the first place. The overall champion of this event!”

What is a “new Chinese event” PPV private?

In order to allow football fans to enjoy higher-quality live room service projects and watch this international-level ultimate matchup most refreshingly, “Chinese Billiards Zheng Yubo Global Competition” and “China Sports” will use PPV (by time). Paying for viewing service items) method. Snooker customers can

According to the purchase of the China Sports Summit package to watch the game, only a small amount of money can be private high-quality live broadcast room, this is the first time in the history of Chinese billiards!

Specially-invited technical guests, beauty anchors commentary, live broadcast room pool cues and other gifts and rewards activities, plus football player interviews, behind-the-scenes highlights on the spot and other related exclusive agency content, “China Sports” will be football fans Produce a unique “Chinese Billiards” event!

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