Chinese billiards highlight Chinese culture

At the opening ceremony of Hebei Station, two Tai Chi masters, Wang Xincheng and Zhang Donghai, the five generation successors of Lu style Taijiquan, and the famous Chinese calligrapher Guo Honglong also attended the ceremony to congratulate the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament.

Handan City, the venue of this competition, has been the hometown of Tai Chi in China since ancient times. Chinese Taijiquan has a history of more than one hundred years. Its movements are both rigid and flexible, which can not only defend themselves by combat, but also strengthen the physique and prevent and cure diseases. Tai Chi has a long history, many genres, spread widely, and is deeply loved by people. For hundreds of years, Taijiquan has been inherited from generation to generation, and it has been endless and famous. In this regard, Ren Liyong, general manager of Haosen Billiards City, expressed his views: “Lu’s Tai Chi is light and calm, combining rigidity and softness, not floating or stiff, full of strength, elasticity, and no clumsiness. These are actually the same as Chinese billiards. This sport has similarities and similarities. Holding this Chinese-style billiards game in Handan this time is a powerful push for the development of Handan’s urban sports culture.”


Tai Chi Master Wang Xincheng


Tai Chi Master Zhang Donghai

In addition, the famous Chinese calligrapher Guo Honglong also personally wrote an inscription for the competition


Site inscription


“Meeting friends with the ball will last forever”

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