Yan Bingtao even made the top 8 of the King of Wales, Yu Delu wins and Liang Wenbo is also shortlisted

In the early morning of March 2, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Welsh Open will continue to be staged in Cardiff. After the Chinese teenager Yan Bingtao 4-1 beat the former world champion Alberton 4-1, he won the Welsh Dragon Stevens 4-2 at home. Yu Delu defeated Robbie Williams and defeated Liang Wenbo in the derby. In this way, Yu Delu and Yan Bingtao will attack the top four together.


As the youngest ranked finalist in history, Yan Bingtao has continued to prove with his steady performance that his achievements in just over a year are well-deserved. The same was true for the Welsh Open this week. In the first two rounds, he won legendary veteran Jimmy White and Australian rookie Dunham.

On the day of the double match, Yan Bingtao became more and more courageous. In the third round, Yan Bingtao played against “The King of Grinding” Alberton, as always, with two shots 70+, 4-1 to beat the 47-year-old former world champion. In the 1/8 finals, Yan Bingtao’s opponent was the Welsh Dragon Stevens who played home. After Yan Bingtao led 2-0 and was tied by his opponents, he won two consecutive rounds again, winning 4-2 with a total score of 4-2 and advancing to the top 8. This is also the fourth time in his short career in more than one year that he has reached the top 8 in the rankings.

Yu Delu also performed well on the day. In the third round, he swept the 2015 Welsh Open runner-up 4-0, and his age of England Wollaston. In the 1/8 finals, he was waiting for a derby match against Liang Wenbo, who played well in the past two seasons. Although Liang Wenbo, who has already had a ranking championship title in his career, has a better record, this time, the advantage lies entirely on the German side.

What is interesting is that this is another conversation between peers. Liang Wenbo came fiercely, winning the first victory with 83 points in a single shot. However, Liang Wenbo’s hand feel fell all the way after that. After Yu Delu equalized the score 62-20, he scored 64 points in the third game with a single stroke, and the total score was 2-1.

The next two games were very stalemate. The two men cleaned up the table piecemeal. The last laugh was Yu Delu. He first won the fourth game 85-31, and then closed the fifth game 53-37. De Lu won the derby 4-1 and reached the quarterfinals.

So far, the top 8 of this year’s Welsh Open have all been released. As for the Chinese players, Yan Bingtao and Yu Delu were successfully shortlisted. The next two will join hands to launch an impact on the top four. Among them, Yu Delu’s opponent is Gary Wilson, the runner-up of the 2015 China Tournament.

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