For the first time in ten years! Pan Xiaoting may miss the world 9-ball China Open

On September 5, 2019, the Shanghai Pudong·Tangcheng Global 9-Ball China Open will announce the declaration of war. It is the 11th year that the game will continue to be held. However, in 2019, football fans will not be able to see Pan Xiaoting’s back “after 9 ball days.” It is understood that Pan Xiaoting still has not obtained the quota for the main match according to the Chinese national team, and it is not easy to sign up for the side event. This means that Pan Xiaoting will be absent from this game for the first time.

The Global 9-Ball China Open was founded in 2009. It is China’s first large and medium-sized world-class 9-ball event, and there are also men’s and women’s categories. In the past 10 tournaments, football players such as Charles Merlin, Zhang Yulong, Wu Jiaqing, Kelly Fisher, Han Yu, Chen Siming have won the championship one after another. Ke Bingyi and Fu Xiaofang are the defending champions of the 11th tournament. According to continuous development, the global 9-ball China Open has long become a highly prestigious 9-ball international competition.

In 2019, the total rewards for the competition will exceed 373,600 US dollars, among which the lads’ championship rewards are 40,000 US dollars, and the women’s championship rewards are 36,000 US dollars. At this stage, the out-of-conference competition has already begun and will end on September 3rd. The in-conference competition will be held at the Tangzhen Culture and Art Gymnasium, Pudong New Area, Shanghai from September 5-8. ‘China Sports’ will carry out a full-line exclusive agency live broadcast room for in-conference and out-of-conference matches.

In the past 10 tournaments, Pan Xiaoting maintained full attendance “after 9 ball days”, but in the 11th tournament, football fans will miss Pan Xiaoting’s back. It is understood that Pan Xiaoting has not yet signed up to participate in the training organized by the 9-ball Chinese national team before the game, and has not immediately obtained the quota for the main match according to the Chinese national team, and Pan Xiaoting has not yet registered for the side game that has just started. This means that Pan Xiaoting will miss the global 9-ball China Open for the first time since 2009.

In recent years, Pan Xiaoting has tried to find a balance between game entertainment work and competitions. The total number of competitions is not many. Except for the performance Lunar New Year Cup held by CCTV, every year he only signs up for the Global 9 China Open and the Women’s 9 Ball World Championship. Two international competitions. The last time Pan Xiaoting reached the finals was the Women’s 9-Ball World Championships in 2017, and the last time he won a large and medium-sized competition was to go back to the CBSA International American Billiards Championship Women’s Classic in October 2013.

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