Jiang Puguang: The first tee room is purely for fun, creating a super large leisure club

The first meeting with President Jiang was in the newly opened Black 8 Snooker Culture Palace Clubhouse on Zhongshan West Road, Hohhot. There were only four words on the business card that Mr. Jiang handed over: I do my way. After boiling the water and soaking the Kung Fu tea, Mr. Jiang talked freely, saying that when he opened the first ball room, he was purely for fun. Because Mr. Jiang himself had other businesses, he took care of all the ball rooms with friends. At that time, it was also because he liked it. Playing ball, in 2009, under the encouragement of a few friends, opened the first 27-card star ball room. At that time, it was the largest ball room in Hohhot. Back then, these tables were signed with Hu Gen, the current general manager of the Inner Mongolia branch. In the second half of 2009, the company hosted a “Xingpai Cup” Chinese Billiards Grand Prix with Xingpai Company, which was quite successful and greatly promoted the development of the Hohhot golf market. Moreover, Xingpai Company has given a lot of help in after-sales, competitions and other aspects. The second ball room was introduced by a so-called insider and used a brand from Hebei. Basically, there is no after-sales service and no competition support.

Mr. Jiang said: In these years, doing business is also going north and south. No matter where you are, you will go to the best local ball room no matter how busy you are. In order to change the unity of the Hohhot ball room, I have always wanted to open a billiards and tea bar. A super large leisure club integrating chess, cards and bars. Once I talked about this idea when I was drinking with Mr. Hu of Star Brand. At this time, Manager Hu Genfa on the side said: Mr. Jiang has a lot of alcohol, and it’s no problem to drink two catties at a time. Mr. Jiang smiled and said: I often meet friends with wine. The wine is like character, and the same is true for business. In recent years, Mr. Hu with Xingpai is not only a collaborator, but also a very good friend. At that time, Mr. Hu remembered it in his heart, and then he helped him find a place like this. This place must be in a prosperous place, with a large area, and the rent should not be too expensive. Soon Mr. Hu introduced him to the landlord and signed it soon. After the contract of the house, of course, the table is also ordered. This time, the Xingpai company not only provided a new high-performance steel library table, but also brought good news. Beijing Xingwei Company and the China National Taiwan Association jointly hosted the 2012CBSA Chinese style Billiards Ranking Tournament, this is currently the most authoritative Chinese billiards competition in China. The ranking of Chinese players’ seats is based on this competition. Because there were too many ball rooms registered nationwide at that time, it was a pity that my ball room did not catch up with the first qualifying round. The players in Hohhot also call every day to ask when will they host the Chinese Ranking Tournament? This time, after continuous communication with Xingpai Company, the game was finally held, and it also brought a billiards feast to the fans in Hohhot!

Finally, President Jiang said: He plans to open several high-end billiards chain clubs in the next few years. Since the Xingpai table is the designated table for top international and domestic competitions, it is of course his first choice.

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