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On November 30th, a special press conference was held at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. On this day, billiards started its bid for the Olympic Games in order to enter the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The press conference is organized by the Billiards 2024 Committee, and co-organized by the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and World Snooker Co., Ltd. The event conveys the spirit of billiards to become a part of the Olympic sports. It is a milestone in the history of development. WPBSA Vice Chairman Nigel Moore and former Snooker World Champion Sean Murphy joined senior representatives from the French Billiards Association and other international organizations to participate in the meeting to support the bid.

Previously, billiards had applied to join the 2020 Dongjing Olympics. Three years later, due to the vigorous development of online media around the world, billiards has also achieved sustained development and great success all over the world. The first step to confirm the 2024 entry into the Olympics was completed earlier this year and was initiated by the World Billiards Federation (WCBS), which is an umbrella-shaped billiards organization alliance and is the management organization of billiards worldwide. , Represents snooker, snooker and open-lun billiards. With the full cooperation of the French Billiards Association, WCBS formally submitted an application for billiards to enter the Olympics.

As a representative project of billiards, snooker has shown strong vitality internationally. The world professional snooker tour continuously presents high-quality events on a global scale, setting a series of good records. At present, the Professional Snooker Tour has held 27 major events all over the world, and has been broadcast on TV in more than 100 countries and regions, covering a population of 1.6 billion.

“Today is the big day of the billiards entry into the Olympics program. As the public’s participation in this sport continues to increase, WSF and its partners will create new opportunities for people all over the world to bravely pick up the cue and participate. The sport is at its best, strong enough to have a place in Olympic sports.”

——WSF Chairman Jason Ferguson

Snooker sports are quite representative at both professional and amateur levels. Under the guidance of the former chairman of WCBS Jason Ferguson and former secretary-general Maxim Cassis, the snooker project has been successfully held at the 2017 Wroclaw World Games. Karen, an excellent professional player from the UK Wilson finally won the project gold medal.

The World Snooker Association (WSF), an international organization of snooker, has strengthened the connection between professional sports and amateur sports, and at the same time promotes the development of women’s snooker and disabled snooker, and provides equal opportunities for people of different physical conditions and genders. Opportunities to participate in snooker sports.

With the success of the event, the committee will host a demonstration event in Paris next year to demonstrate the Olympic value of billiards.

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