World Women’s 9-Ball Championship Double Loss Stage Table

Xingpai Billiards News On December 16, 2019 Hainan Sanya World Women’s 9-Ball Championships in the double-defeating stage of the 2019 Hainan Sanya World Women’s 9-Ball Championship was fully launched. After the first competition day was over, there were all 8 teams with 16 players who were promoted from the winning team. The national team’s several golden flowers without exception all got two consecutive victories and upgrades. In addition, famous players such as Kelly Fisher, Wei Ziqian, Lu Bilin Emmet also easily completed the breakout.

In the double-lost stage of the in-game match, the team will take 13 rounds of 7 wins and take turns to rush the ball. On the first day, there will be a roster of 16 players from all 8 teams upgraded from the winning division.

Today, the six old and new Jinhua players of the national team played together, and it was gratifying to win a complete victory. Chen Siming, who once won multiple heavyweight American championships in the second half of this year, effortlessly sent Li Wujing and the white pigeons to the losing team with two 7-2 games, and “off work” early. The young players Zhang Muyan and Liu Xiazhi also feel good in their hands. They achieved 7-3 and 7-1 successes very simultaneously, and joined hands to upgrade to the top 32. Han Yu, Fu Xiaofang and Liu Shasha’s three “veteran” upgrades were not so easy. Han Yu slackened slightly after leading Indonesian celebrity Angelin Tikarou 4-0 in the first round, and was violently counterattacked by the opponent. In the end, he kept the victory, and then defeated Japanese veteran Kajiya Kemi 7-5. Liu Shasha and Fu Xiaofang had experienced the baptism of the decisive game before they were lucky enough to break through. However, as far as Liu Shasha is concerned, in the first game against Pia Feller, whose strength is much lower than her, the low-level errors on the offensive end from time to time still make her success seem not so satisfactory.

In addition to the national team’s six golden stars, Kelly Fisher, Wei Ziqian, Lu Bilin Emmett, Ou Sichun and other famous players have successfully won two consecutive victories. However, there were also a few unpopular games today. Wang Ying, who broke out of the side game, sent Belarusian beauty Fiferava into the losing team 7-2 in the first match. After that, Wang Wanling turned back “Big Eye Girl” Zhou Jieyu after falling behind 3-6. In the end, Wang Wanling won the team and qualified. Here. In Group C, Xia Yuying, who caught the last train in the post-conference match, lost the game. Chen Heyun was reversed. After falling into the defeat, it is very likely that she will play a life-and-death battle with her friend Chen Ruolin tomorrow. The two high hopes Huang Qingning and Wang Xiaotong both lost in the winning promotion round, losing to Lin Runmei and Kawara Chihiro respectively. However, the opponents that the losing team will face can hardly pose too much threat and are still optimistic about a smooth breakthrough.

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