Ding Junhui advances to the second round against Xiao Guodong

On the evening of April 3, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker China Open continued the first round of competition. Ding Junhui, now ranked No. 4 in the world, won the 89th Studman 6-4 after a small encounter, and advanced to the top 32 against Xiao Guodong. O’Sullivan showed a perfect score of 147. The result was a 2-6 loss to the little-known Slyther, the biggest upset in the first round.


In the postponement of the qualifying round, Ding Junhui made a five-shot 60+, 6-2 against George Ou, releasing a welcome signal. In the first round of the race, Ding Junhui’s opponent was the mediocre English player Steadman. Ding Junhui single shot 66 split. In the second game, Steadman missed the last red ball with a 59-35 shot. During the defensive process, Steadman was lucky to be far away and the score became 1-1.

After   , Steadman continued to dominate. After winning the third game with 122 points, he scored 57 and 66 points in the fourth game. Ding Junhui fell behind 1-3 in the first four games.

In the fifth game, Ding Junhui fell behind 0-41 and started to catch up. As a result, he recovered 34 points and missed the pink ball in the bag. Fortunately, Steadman did not have a good chance. After several rounds of defense, Ding Junhui succeeded again. During the period, Ding Junhui scored the final yellow ball and took the initiative in his own hands. Ding Junhui won the game 67-47, with a score of 2-3.

In the sixth inning, Ding Junhui continued to play steadily, scoring 63 points and defending one shot. Steadman returned to defend against Xiaolu’s flaws, Ding Junhui scored from a distance and continued to score, tying his opponent 3-3.

Stedman was not to be outdone, and single shot 133 to clear the table, once again turning Ding Junhui into the lagging side. In the eighth inning, Ding Junhui missed a red ball with 67 points in a single stroke and missed a chance to win. There were enough points on the table. Steadman recovered 18 points and the offensive was deviated. The red ball stopped at the corner of the pocket. Ding Junhui took the game and the two sides once again tied with 4-4.

With 72 points in one stroke, Ding Junhui took the lead in winning the match point 5-4. Next, Ding Junhui took advantage of the 90-point single stroke to finish perfectly, winning 6-4 with a total score of 6-4 and advanced to the top 32. The next round waiting for Ding Junhui is a civil war, the opponent is Xiao Guodong.

There was a big upset during this period. The vocal O’Sullivan lost 2-6 to Slyser, who was ranked only 73rd in the world, and stopped in the first round.


However, O’Sullivan scored a perfect score of 147 in the fifth game, leaving a classic for this China game. This is O’Sullivan’s 14th full score in his career. If there is no other player who also scores 147 in this China Open, O’Sullivan will enjoy the £35,000 full score award plus the highest score of £7,000 in a single stroke. prize. This night’s 147 points is also the official record 137th, the sixth this season.

Currently in the 147 club rankings, O’Sullivan tops the list with 14 strokes. The retired Hendry is fixed at 11 strokes, ranking second. Higgins holds 8 strokes and temporarily ranks third, with a perfect score of 6 strokes. Ding Junhui ranked fourth.

Defending champion Selby, who is now ranked number one in the world, has maintained a steady momentum. Following the postponement of qualifying to win the Chinese teenager Wang Yuchen 6-4, he defeated Donaldson with the same score in the first round of the day, during which he broke twice. One hundred, including 141 points in a stroke. In the second round, Selby will face Wollaston.

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