[Star Resident] 2019 CBSA Guangzhou Haizhu 9-ball International Open kicked off in Guangzhou

Xingpai Billiards News On December 24, the 2019 CBSA Guangzhou Haizhu 9-Ball International Open kicked off in Guangzhou.

The event takes the form of mixed doubles. Stars gathered in this competition, among them Chen Siming partner Wu Jiaqing, Fu Xiaofang and Wang Can, Liu Shasha and Liu Haitao combined. The “Three Brothers of the Ke Family” Ke Bingzhong, Ke Bingyi and Ke Binghan came to Guangzhou together.

According to the schedule, the competition is divided into two stages. The first stage is a group single round-robin competition, and the top two in each group advance to the second stage. The second stage is a single-elimination-elimination round, where 16 pairs of combinations fight against each other until the championship is produced.

Xingpai billiards table shines in Yangcheng and becomes the designated table for the event. In recent years, Xingpai pool tables have become the choice of many large-scale 9-ball events, such as the 9-ball China Open that has been held in Shanghai for many years, and the Women’s 9-ball World Championship in Sanya.

The appearance of the world-class mixed doubles international 9-ball match once again proves that the billiards world has widely recognized the star pool table.

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