Liang Wenbo offers his career second shot of 147 or exclusive 42,000 third round to welcome Derby

On the evening of October 18th, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker England Open entered the second round of competition. The defending champion Liang Wenbo showed his power again, blasting his second shot of his career with a full score of 147, reversing the 32nd-ranked Englishman Tom Ford 4-3 and advancing into the top 32. This is the official snooker record of the 132th full stroke. If there is no other player to score another 147 points, Liang Wenbo will enjoy this full score award of up to 40,000 pounds, plus a single stroke of 2,000 pounds. The highest prize.


Last year, Liang Wenbo broke into the final 9-6 to force Trump to win the rankings for the first time. After a year of wearing the defending champion jersey, Liang Wenbo, who is now ranked 14th in the world, seemed confident. In the first round, he scored 2 shots and 2 shots 70+, defeating Duane Jones 4-1.

Tom Ford won a runner-up in the Paul Hunter Classic last year, setting a new professional high, and his form is not bad. In the first round, he also broke 100 times twice, 4-1 against Chinese teenager Xu Si.

The two sides played against each other three times before, and all ended in Liang Wenbo’s victory. This time, Liang Wenbo not only maintained a complete victory record, but also detonated the audience with a beautiful 147 full points during the period.

However, Liang Wenbo was very passive in the first half. After the first four innings, he fell behind 1-3. Ford scored 58 points, 62 points and 83 points in a single stroke and has won the match point.

Facing a dangerous situation, Liang Wenbo stabilized his position with 107-16 in the fifth game. The climax appeared in the sixth game. Liang Wenbo took the lead in breaking through and then launched a streak around the black ball. In the end, Liang Wenbo scored 15 sets of black balls, and then took away the colored balls in turn, dragging the game into the game with a beautiful 147 full-stroke points. Decisive game.

When the single score just broke 100, the next table was suspended for the game, holding your breath to witness this historic moment together.

At the end of the game, the Chinese fans at the scene excitedly shouted “Come on Liang Wenbo”. And just after scoring the pink ball, Liang Wenbo himself couldn’t help shouting in advance to celebrate. The last black ball fell into the pocket, and Liang Wenbo threw his fist to express his excitement. Tom Ford and the referee also congratulated him.

Professional snooker 147 full score award adopts a cumulative system, and the basic award of 147 full score award in the ranking competition is 5,000 pounds. The most recent shot was completed by Trump in the China Open last season. Before this week, there were already seven vacancies in the middle. Therefore, at the English Open, the 147 full score prize has accumulated to 40,000 pounds. This is the official record of the 132nd full stroke. If there is no other player to score 147 points, Liang Wenbo will enjoy this full score award of up to 40,000 pounds, plus the highest single-stroke award of 2,000 pounds.

At the same time, this is also Liang Wenbo’s second shot of 147 full points in his career. His first full shot was completed in the Bahrain Championship Qualifying Tournament on October 29, 2008.

Ford missed the powder ball in the final game, Liang Wenbo single shot 60 points to seal the victory, so Liang Wenbo won three games in a row, 4-3 reverse Tom Ford, advance to the top 32.

In the third round, what is waiting for Liang Wenbo is a derby. The opponent is the teenager Yan Bingtao after 00.

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