Top 8 assembled! Zheng Yubo laughed proudly in the battle of Tianwangshan, Yang Fan was washed out in blood

On March 24, the single-loss stage of the 2019 Chinese Billiards World Championship officially kicked off and entered the final sprint stage. The final men’s and women’s eight-final lineups were born in a total of three sessions today. Zheng Yubo and Zhao Ruliang each led the upper and lower halves, while Yang Fan was swept by Wu Zhenyu and stopped in the top 16.

The result of the draw yesterday was shocking. The top Chinese billiard players in the lower half gathered together. It can be said that the finals were held in advance.

The first in the morning was the men’s 32-to-16 match. Zheng Yubo defeated Chu Bingjie 11-7 in a battle of Tianwangshan. This is known as the final that came early. In other matches at the same time, Shi Hanqing defeated Liu Chuang 11-4 by a big score, and joined Zheng Yubo in the next round. In addition, Zhao Ruliang blasted four shots and defeated Ke Bingyi, who was in good condition 11-7. The two American world champions Zhang Ronglin and Ke Bingzhong defeated Mark Davis and Ryan Day respectively in the American and Snooker. In the direct confrontation, he became famous for the American players. In addition, Yang Fan, Wu Zhenyu, Meng Fanyu, Mei Lin and others also successfully passed the first round of tests.

The 16-in-8 game in the evening was even more enjoyable. Zheng Yubo, Shi Hanqing, and the TV station battle, the two sides have been biting the score in the first half. After 7-7, Zheng Yubo suddenly made four consecutive victories to win the game. He was able to pass two consecutive rounds from the recognized strongest division. Zheng Yubo’s road to defending has taken a solid step.

At the same time, Wang Yun also struggled to repel the last runner-up Merlin in a battle where Mars hit the earth. Merlin had a 9-7 lead and was infinitely close to victory, but eventually collapsed. Wang Yun won four straight games and advanced to the quarterfinals.

After Wan Tongle’s unexpected loss to Tom Ford, Zhao Ruliang alone guarded the upper half. As a result, he still beat Wang Pan 11-7 unscathed. This tournament has created a miracle for Wang Pan. He finally achieved a comeback when he fell behind in the 32-to-16 game.

In this round of a game that attracted the attention of Treasure Island fans, “Fire Cloud Cthulhu” Zhang Ronglin and “King Killer” Ke Bingzhong met. This is the nth time the two have met in a recent major event. The US Open winner was also born before Two super classic battles in the finals and the finals. The two also played the highest level of American players on the Chinese table. Zhang Ronglin played three times and defeated Ke Bingzhong 11-7. The Chinese Taipei player is expected to refresh his personal best record in the Chinese Billiards World Championship. But in front of him is Zhao Ruliang, currently ranked No. 1 in the CBSA, and Zhang Ronglin’s future is uncertain.

In addition, the two British snooker players also went hand in hand during this period. Tom Ford defeated Xi Shouxin 11-7, Joe Perry beat Yang Shaojie 11-9, and the two met in the quarter-finals. It can be said that any performance of a snooker player can no longer be described as upset. With solid basic skills and amazing accuracy, as long as they practice intensively on the ball and adapt a little to the Chinese style of play, the potential is unfathomable.

In the afternoon, there was a 16-to-8 match in the women’s group. There were no upsets in all eight games. The only surprise was Wang Ye’s 9-8 thrilling defeat of “Big Eye Girl” Zhou Jieyu. As we all know, although Zhou Jieyu has a lot of accomplishments in American 9-ball, Chinese billiards is not his main business. This time, he almost overturned the favorite Xiao Wang. Although the result is regrettable, the process is still acceptable. In addition, Shi Tianqi defeated Liu Shasha 9-6 in a strong dialogue, and the latter’s dream of becoming the champion of the Chinese World Championships fell through. There was no suspense in other games. Tang Chunxiao, Wang Xiaotong, Gao Meng, Han Yu, Chen Siming and Zhang Muyan, the top players in the Chinese style event, gathered in the quarterfinals and no one was absent.

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