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Xingpai pool table. In May 2019, 51-year-old woman 9 contestant Alison Fisher hosted a wedding banquet in the Dominican Republic. Her lover is also a lady, and the two hand in hand to break the common vision and announce the marriage.

A few days ago, Alison Fisher posted a high profile photo of the diamond ring on his Facebook and expressed that he would go to the Dominican Republic for a wedding banquet. On May 24th, Alison Fisher posted photos of the wedding scene on Facebook. Both Alison Fisher and her lover appeared in a white dress, and there were friends and relatives waiting, with two types of faces pervading With a happy smile.

Alison Fisher was born in the United States on February 24, 1968 when the sun rose. Looks like the American movie star Meg Ryan, who is known as the “Destroy the Countess” in the billiard world. Alison Fisher could

is known as the most outstanding female pool player in history. In the early stages of professional development, Alison Fisher dominated the women’s snooker world. In 1994, Alison Fisher scored 102 points in a single stroke at the Global Mixed Doubles Open held abroad. It was the first break of a hundred by a woman football player in an announced event. Alison Fisher has won the Women’s Snooker World Championship 11 times in professional development. No one can expect such a test result so far.

Since then, Alison Fisher slowly shifted his focus to fancy pool and once again made extraordinary contributions. Four women’s 9-ball world championships, one World Games championship, eight U.S. Open championships, and eight British National Open championships are all Alison Fisher’s possessions. Alison Fisher reached the finals in the Anli Cup for 7 years and won the championship 5 times. It is also known as a period of power.

Alison Fisher had often rushed to our country to sign up before, and had reached the finals of the Shenyang Women’s 9-Ball World Championships. In recent years, with the advancing age, Alison Fisher has set the key arena as the United Kingdom, and very few come to our country to sign up for entertaining events. In 2017, Alison Fisher signed up for the Lunar New Year Cup hosted by CCTV together with Jasmin Oschun and Kylie Fisher.

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