Both Chu Bingjie and Yang Fan are out

On December 8, the 2019 CBSA “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards China Grand Prix in Guizhou, Guiyang, China, ended the double-elimination phase of competition, and the men’s top 16 was produced.

In the afternoon, the double-defeating stage of the promotion round began. Chu Bingjie faced Shen Shenyi and once again fell behind. Although he caught up to 4-5 at one time, he caught the opponent’s mistake after 4-6 and saved a match point. But in the 12th game, Shen Shenyi formed a simple ball after successfully rushing the ball, and finally sealed the victory 7-5. Chu Bingjie missed the single elimination stage for two consecutive ranked matches. Yang Fan beat Senxue 7-1 and Dai Yong beat He Wenchong 7-2 to catch the last train of the top 32.

The men’s singles loss stage draw was then released. Shi Hanqing, Lei Yiwei, Zhao Ruliang and Yang Fan got together in the upper half, and Shan Hongyu, Chaolumen, Dai Yong and Sunier in the lower half. At 7:30 in the evening, the men’s singles defeated stage to start a 32-to-16 contest. According to the rules, the men’s team will take 17 games and 9 wins from this round to the quarter-finals.

Yang Fan played against the 17-year-old Zhang Taiyi on stage 1. At the beginning, Zhang Taiyi’s state was bursting. On the contrary, Yang Fan felt nothing. Zhang Taiyi took a huge lead of 7-1 and entered the break. After returning from the timeout, Yang Fan started a frantic counterattack. Zhang Taiyi got the 13th game and held three match points, but Yang Fan, who had recovered his hand, chased two more games. In the critical 16th game, a balloon shot changed the game. , Zhang Taiyi, who claimed to be “very nervous” at the time, did not have any mercy, and was upset by 9-7.

In other games, Shi Hanqing continued to be in good shape and eliminated Xiao Xiangyu in seven consecutive rounds after 2-2. Liu Yang and Zhao Ruliang fought for 17 rounds, and Zhao Ruliang won by a narrow margin. Dai Yong beat Wang Yuheng 9-6, and Lei Yiwei defeated Shen Shenyi 9-5.

For women, Tang Chunxiao swept Xiao Xiao 5-0 in less than 40 minutes. Wang also defeated Qu Aijia 5-0 and joined last year’s runner-up Yu Hong to advance. Wang Chunyan doubled in one day and broke through from the defeat. Pan Lantian lost 1-5 to Qu Aijia and was once again blocked out of the single elimination stage.

According to the schedule, December 9th is the third day of the in-conference competition, and the men’s and women’s semi-finals will be produced. Xingpai Billiards will continue to bring you first-hand information about the game, so stay tuned!

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