Ding Junhui’s opponent in the second round of the World Championships emerges, Trump passes through danger

The 2018 Snooker World Championships ended the last two games of the first round. Scottish star McGill successfully defended the dignity of the seeded player, reversing the world ranked 17th Ryan Day 10-8 and advancing to the second round. In the 1/8 finals, McGill will face Chinese player Ding Junhui. Trump was shocked by Wakelin, who broke into Crucible for the first time, in a cold sweat, and fought hard until the last four colored balls passed 10-9.


McGill 10-8 Ryan Day

McGill from Scotland is one of the leading figures born in the 90s. So far, he has entered the ranking finals three times and won two championships. At the World Championships, McGill broke into the top 8 in his debut in 2015, and his strength is quite impressive. This year, for the second consecutive year, he appeared as a seed in Crucible.

The opponents in the first round were not good, Ryan Day ushered in the peak of his career with two ranked championships this season. As the top seed in the qualifying round, he passed the qualifying round smoothly. During the first game against McGill on the previous game day, Ryan Day blasted 140+ with two shots to suppress the 14th seed McGill 6-3.

In the second stage, Ryan Day suddenly misfired when he was leading 8-5. McGill magically turned passive into active, bringing the game to his own rhythm. In the end, McGill won five games in a row, reversing Ryan Day 10-8, risking to break into the top 16. In the 1/8 finals, McGill will compete with Ding Junhui.

Trump 10-9 Wakelin

In the first stage yesterday, No. 4 seed Trump led Wakelin 6-3. In the first half of the second stage, the advantage is still on Trump’s side, and Trump continued to lead 8-4 in Wakelin, who broke into Crusoe for the first time in the first 12 games.

But then, Wakelin, now ranked 55th in the world, took advantage of the “quasi-god” nap to win four games in a row and tied the score 8-8 in one fell swoop.

Trump finally came back to his senses, scoring 51 points in a row to win the 17th game 65-27, 9-8 first to get the match point. In the 18th inning, Trump scored a 61-point advantage with one stroke, and Wakelin, who was hanging by a thread, came back to life 72-61. The two sides had to fight for the decisive game.

The deciding game was very stalemate, Trump collected the red ball, scored 55-34 points in the yellow game and lost the green ball, which caused a scream in the audience, and the field was variable. The two sides competed around the last five colored balls. Wakelin’s defense inadvertently passed the black ball into the bag, and Trump was directly sent for an over-point. After Wakelin missed the ball and then sent 4 points. But Trump quickly returned 4 points. After a hard fight to the last four colored balls, Trump finally seized the opportunity to seal the victory, with a total score of 10-9 and a dangerous pass to catch up with the last train of the top 16. In the 1/8 finals, Trump will face Walton.

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