Local star Wang Yang passes: play more games to help adjust his mentality

The side game scene can be described as a group of heroes competing, the more the battle, the more fierce and fierce. In the arena, we noticed that a player from Guizhou, Wang Yang, only took one hour to win the opponent 7-1.

Local star Wang Yang passes: play more games to help adjust his mentality

After the game, we interviewed Wang Yang:

Who do you most want to fight against?

I usually play a lot of games and have met various high-level players. I have lost by a big score, and I have won the game, so I adjusted my mentality better and let it go during the game. Now I just want to try my best to finish the next game.

As for who I want to fight against in the in-conference match, (laughs) it doesn’t matter, because I have met many masters in the competition and have learned from each other. This time I also came here with a learning attitude. So anyone can.

I came to my hometown this time, any thoughts?

As the host, I am naturally happier. We are always stalemate when playing games. I just seized the opportunity when the opponent leaked the flaws, so I won the game.

You participated in the Chinese Grand Prix in Guizhou last year. What is the difference?

I think the game environment is similar, and (two games) the organizers of the tournament use star pool tables. I’m very familiar with the star’s sense of stage, and they are all relatively easy to play, so I won the game (laughs).

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