Pan Xiaoting “confessed” that billiards wanted to seek new breakthroughs and won new awards

Xingpai pool table. Not long ago, “The Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting was invited to participate in the Sina Sports 20 Years Award Ceremony, and won the “China Sports 20 Years Promotion Award”. As the most well-known meaning of Chinese sports stars in my country, Pan Xiaoting took 22 years of Fitness sports career has written the myth of the billiard fitness industry. So far, she is still a serving player, and she will once again contribute to Chinese sports and boost the development trend of billiard work.

Themed event night, Pan Xiaoting appeared in a red suit, with a crisp short haircut, full of grace, and the appearance of the table tennis player, who has been famous for more than 20 years, is still young. Mutually become talents with Chinese sports, and improve herself in billiard fitness. Pan Xiaoting diligently becomes a more successful person. In addition, with her own popularity, a large number of people understand the style of billiards. Nowadays, she has become a billiard veteran, but Pan Xiaoting has forgotten the true identity of the players from beginning to end. The Starlight Ceremony is also an atmospheric “confession” of billiard fitness sports. Thanks to billiards for bringing its own changes, the new year will once again resolute faith and look for new improvements.

More than 20 years of hard work and hard work have created the influence of Pan Xiaoting’s “Queen of Nine Balls”, continuously improving her courage and wisdom, and raising the popularity of the current cross-border marketing network celebrities. Between Pan Xiaoting and table tennis, it can be said that they contribute to each other! In the future, a more multi-faceted Pan Xiaoting will once again develop China’s influential mass sports.

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