Xiao Guodong and Lv Haotian advance to the China 4-man World Championships, Liang Wenbo loses miserably

In the early morning of April 19th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker World Championships qualifiers all ended in Sheffield, England. In the last round, Xiao Guodong and Lu Haotian defeated their opponents without any suspense, while Liang Wenbo, Zhang Anda and Tian Pengfei unfortunately fell in the final round. With the addition of Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun who were directly shortlisted for the main event, there will be a total of four Chinese players appearing in the main event at this World Championships.


As the most important event in the season, the World Championships follow the brutal system of TOP16 players free qualifying, and the rest through three rounds of audition, and 16 players will be determined to enter the main competition. Also, from the qualifying rounds, 19 rounds of 10 wins will be used. The difficulty of the long game system can be imagined. Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun were directly qualified for the main race by virtue of the TOP16 ranking, and the remaining 22 players must start from the qualifying round. After the first two rounds of competition, 5 people finally came to the final round.

In the first nine games of the first stage yesterday, the prospects for the two were bright. Xiao Guodong from Chongqing and Adam Duffy, a player of the same age in England, had a gratifying momentum. In the first nine games, he only allowed his opponent to score 1 point in the sixth game, and he took all the rest, only two short of the race. The game, there is no suspense to win.

In the second stage, Xiao Guodong did not give his opponent any chance to counterattack. He directly secured the victory with 73 points on a single stroke, swept the opponent with a total score of 10-1, and advanced into the main match. This is also the third time that Xiao Guodong has broken into Cruzeburg in his career. The first two were in 2014 and last year.

Beijing teenager Lu Haotian beat 47-year-old black veteran McLeod 7-2 in the first stage. In the second stage, he went straight to the match point with 113 points in a single stroke. Then he went 60-23 and set the total score at 10-2. The 20-year-old teenager will therefore usher in his personal debut in the highest hall.

The other three were all eliminated, and Liang Wenbo was the one who sighed the most. In the first round, Liang Wenbo made his debut with 147 points and 140 points. If he hadn’t missed the last black ball, he would be the first player in snooker history to score 147 points with two strokes in the same game. It is not bad. However, Liang Wenbo still failed to escape the “curse” of “it is difficult for a player with 147 points to go further”. In the first stage of the third round, he was 0-9 behind the mediocre Welshman Jamie Jones and was out of the game. the edge of.

In the second stage of the day, Liang Wenbo did not improve, and eventually swept 0-10, becoming the only player who swallowed duck eggs in the third round.

Tian Pengfei, who is the same age as Liang Wenbo, also trailed Wakelin by 1-8 in the first stage. In the second stage, he did nothing and lost two more games 2-10 to follow Liang Wenbo.

Zhang Anda followed Carrington 4-5 in the first stage, when he was behind 0-4 to catch up. In the second stage, he overtook an 8-7 lead. In the 14th inning, he shot his second shot in the game and broke 100. As a result, Carrington suddenly showed great power. With 54 points, 141 points and 68 points in a single stroke, he won the victory with a total score of 10-8. Zhang Anda also stopped the final round of the qualifying match.

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