England Robertson swept Sirani 4-0 with a high gap to advance to the next round

Xingpai pool table. Many snooker football players will complain about the number of games and the secrets of the current post series, but Indonesian general Pankaji Advani is very fond of him. He will sign up for the IBSF’s flagship product, the Global Billy Open. , 6 Red Number and Team Snooker World Championships will also go to Sydney to sign up for the long-game Billy game and its IBSF World Snooker Championship.

This is a more critical game, but unfortunately none of them will be broadcast live in Indonesia, but for Advani, who has played Billy and snooker since 1996, this is nothing new. child. After winning 21 national championships and thousands of awards in the past 20 years, the 34-year-old Indian is still hoping for a stronger future…

Do you think you have already set up a milestone?

“I really want to feel that. I never thought about winning so many championships when I opened up my career. But I still remember the first time I was interviewed, they asked me who I wanted to become, and I responded:’Business People.’ I didn’t care about playing table tennis at that time. After that, I joked that I wanted to become a national champion. The food, clothing, housing and transportation continued to change, but I’m here today. I’m very happy that it can be applied in many ways. When I accepted the interview, I even had enough pool tables. Everyone liked to tease me, but I promised to speak with my overall strength.”

Snooker fitness exercise seems to have never attracted too many eyes or large project investment…

“A professional fitness sports league can change the gameplay. Nowadays, there are tennis, cricket and Kabaddi Open, and table tennis and badminton are also regarded as inferior new projects, but such leagues can help marketing and promote this fitness. For sports, the league must take out a plan. For example, fitness sports like cricket can improve itself and choose shorter gameplay. To understand that everyone’s concentration is getting lower and lower, people must have a way to build the event. A fast, decisive, interesting and dramatic alliance.”

After winning so many awards, do you feel exhausted or feel that you have done enough for your country?

“Obviously, as a player, people will consider to themselves that all the players participating in my new project think like this:’OK, if I win the championship, I have the right to be rewarded, or I deserve so much recognition or reward.’ But in the near future I have always thought of ways to give back to this fitness exercise. People are discussing the fairness of sports culture. They must also grasp the difference between Olympic events and non-Olympic events. Indeed, people’s current policies on non-Olympic events are different. It is It should be self-checked. If those who sign up for the Olympics are not for the Olympics, the Chinese government will have much less application and incentives

, but I am as serious as everyone else, and I am diligent to get a commemorative medal for the country. ”

“This new project is not an Olympic event, it is not the football player’s fault. Global organizations and committees can

To lobby, people who have not entered the Olympics mean they have not entered. People also have the World Championships, and there are also games that are held every year. I think people still have to incentivize all sports fairly, regardless of whether they belong to the new summer Olympics or the Asian Games. . ”

How do you think that the snooker fitness sport does not belong to the Olympic Games?

“This is obviously chilling, but at this stage there is not yet one thing that has caused great harm. As a player, you only have to make the best main performance on the stage of the largest specification model. Which big stage is okay? It’s the Asian Games and the Confederacy to exercise. Each round of competition often has a unique practical significance. Indeed, the removal of billiards from the new Asian Games is really chilling, but it will be from 1998 to 2010. The 2014 South Korean Asian Games was withdrawn. , And even the chess masters have been revoked.”

“Same, if according to lobbying, billiards could have made it to the Commonwealth Games in 2010. People must fight for billiards, prejudice is inevitable, but it can make us produce commemorative cards, so why not work hard?”

What is interesting about Billy and Snooker, which should be lobbied most?

“This is an interesting daily task in Indonesia. Because Indians like to see human touches, everyone likes to cheer on the spot to produce noises. Snooker is to hone the accuracy. People must not make noise. But if people have strong alliances, they can

Produces an atmosphere that allows a little noise and cheers without harming the game, and can also start broadcasting on the spot, making live broadcasting as good as my country and the United States, and people can have high economic benefits. ”

What can Indonesia learn from other countries in billiard fitness?

“On the one hand, it is necessary to shape coaches and reserve outstanding talents, so that people have their own matches, including qualifiers, national open matches and some international competitions, but people do not have a better organizational structure to shape female football players. And youth and children football players. There are also football players themselves, and they must also formulate exercise plans and development trend programs to plan them as a whole.”

“Without effective system software, even if a football player can be used at home, he can also adjust his emotions to enter a good club or team, but they rush to the competition arena after all, but they are trained with system software like ours. Football player.”

In the hands of 21st Crown, what is your next development goal?

“There is no end to learning in daily life. I like to learn and train new things, like in daily life, like in competitions. I want to master this fitness sport better. I don’t believe in the ultimate, but I am realistic and innovative, and I can only continue to work hard. It can be close to the extreme in plain terms.”

Which records do you closely follow?

“No, I don’t care about these big numbers and statistics for a long time. It’s not wrong. If you sign up for an event, you will be scared by such big numbers, but it’s not because of my competition. It’s just that I also love it. I like it very much. Market competition, I love the whole process of market competition. The most important thing is what I can hope when I open my eyes and wake up every day. My work has helped me generate a great sense of accomplishment.”

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