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On December 21st, the 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic ushered in a special match. Chris Merlin and Michael Hill from the United Kingdom staged a wonderful “British Derby” game. Attracted many eyeballs.

This pair of very good friends in private came to China to participate in the competition together. The “unfortunate” encounter during the draw of the race made people feel fortunate. However, in today’s game, the two of them did not have any softness at all, and they were only in the 16th game (9th grab) to decide the victory or defeat, which made people very addicted.

Tomorrow, Merlin will encounter Li Hewen, who is also promoted. What’s interesting is that they are both star contract players. They just finished the “British Derby” and will start the “Star Derby”. I believe the two powerful players will also give it to everyone Bring a wonderful duel.

Zheng Xiaohuai, a young player with a strong momentum, eliminated Guo Xuefeng 9:5 and will meet veteran Xie Zhaohui in the 1/16 finals. It is believed that the contest between the old and new generations will also interest many people. We will wait and see whether Xie Zhaohui’s treasured sword is not old or Zheng Xiaohuai’s hero is young.

What is surprising today is that the champion Zheng Yubo lost in the contest with Fang Guoming, the “Dalian first shot”, and was eliminated by losing 4:9 to his opponent. Fang Guoming will compete with Yang Fan for a place in the next competition. “The King of Heaven” Dai Yong did not withstand the impact of Xiao Liu Chuang and missed the top 32.

Other focus games of tomorrow include: Chu Bingjie VS Xu Ran, Liu Yang VS Wang Peng, Liu Yong VS Shan Hongyu, Wang Yun VS Guan Peng, Xiao Liu Chuang VS Liu Junyan.

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