World Championships Lv Haotian 10-5 Fu Jiajun breaks into the top 16 Carter vs. Rockets

In the early morning of April 23, Beijing time, the 2018 World Snooker Championship ended the second game day competition. In the derby, the 20-year-old Lv Haotian continued his positive touch, with a total score of 10-5 to beat Fu Jiajun and bravely make it to the top 16. Carter fell behind 3-6 and played a 7-2, 10-8 to reverse the former world champion Dortmund, breaking into the second round to fight O’Sullivan, who had just escaped in the same way.


In the first stage of the game, Lu Haotian, who made his debut at Cruzeburg, had an eye-catching performance, shooting two shots of 120+, leading 11th seed Fu Jiajun 6-3.

The game entered the second stage, and Fu Jiajun, who had been off the game for nearly half a year due to eye problems, still appeared to be handy. On the other hand, Lu Haotian got a lot of points once he seized the opportunity, making Fu Jiajun even more difficult. In the 10th inning, Lu Haotian scored 50 points in a single stroke to seal Fu Jiajun 83-0. In the next 11th inning, he continued to expand the result with 74-0 and the score was 8-3.

Fu Jiajun worked hard to adjust. After winning the 12th inning 65-30, he scored 120 points in the 13th inning. This is also his second stroke in this game, showing the top four players in the two World Championships should have the skills.

However, Fu Jiajun’s short burst failed to stop Lu Haotian from advancing. Then Lu Haotian led the match point with 79 points in a single stroke. In the 15th game, after a entanglement, the two game points were bitten tightly. Lu Haotian once again started to clear the table with a single stroke, winning 10-5 with a total score of 10-5. He made his debut in Cruze and won the strong seed players in one fell swoop and bravely rushed. Top 16. In the 1/8 finals, Lu Haotian will face the winners of Hawkins and Carrington.

On the same day, Carter, who was behind 3-6 in the first stage, successfully counterattacked. In the second stage, the former world champion Dortmund was 7-2. The total score was 10-8. He reversed and won, and advanced into the second round to fight the Austrian who advanced in almost the same way. Sullivan.

The captain has entered the World Championship finals twice before, but lost to O’Sullivan and rubbed shoulders with the highest honor. He met the “enemy” early this year, plus the same experience in the first round. Bucket.

The young king of the 90s, Karen Wilson, lived up to expectations, beating the “Welsh Dragon” Stevens 10-3 and also came to the top 16. In the 1/8 finals, the Warriors will challenge the winners of Murphy and Jones. At present, the two have just finished the first stage, and Murphy temporarily leads 5-4.

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