Dialogue with the chief referee: these are things you don’t know

The excitement of the 2019 CBSA “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards China Grand Prix in Guizhou, China, Guiyang continues. In the arena, the players are fighting passionately, and there is a person next to the players. He is the referee who always observes the scene carefully and controls the scene in time with a focused vision.

We had the honor to interview Zheng Weili, the chief referee of this Chinese Grand Prix. He used his own experience to take us into the world of refereeing.

Dialogue with the chief referee: these are things you don't know

Chief Referee Zheng has a wealth of experience in judging competitions. He has been judged many times in large-scale ranking competitions at home and abroad, and he is known as the “first Chinese referee”. Before he became a referee, he was a billiard player. In 2001, by chance, he had the honor to participate in the refereeing work of the Shanghai Billiards Association. From then on, he started a long road.

As we all know, the role of the chief referee in the game is very important. The chief referee must grasp the overall situation to ensure the smooth progress of the game. The chief referee must understand the schedule and system before the game, check and accept the field, and then hold a regular meeting for each referee, including the draw and the regular meeting of the game. In addition, the chief referee must also arrange the events reasonably and arrange the number of athletes in a reasonable manner.

Before the start of the game, the chief referee’s work is tedious and complicated. The referee team should be arranged to do some preparations, such as checking the table, checking the ball, poles, bonus points and other game supplies, and checking the surrounding environment to check whether the air-conditioning facilities, carpets, etc. Meet the requirements of the event. Before the start of each game, the chief referee will also ask the referee to check the table thoroughly to see if the table is in good condition. After the inspection is completed, it is also necessary to check whether the player’s clothing and chest mark meet the requirements.

Dialogue with the chief referee: these are things you don't know

Chief referee Zheng also introduced us to all the referees at the scene. He said that at present, whether snooker or Chinese referees, most of them have their own jobs. They all go to test referee certificates because of their love of billiards, and then serve as referees. The judging of some competitions, as an extension of self-interest, gathers here from all over the world when there are competitions. Their work is actually very hard. Few people know that they have to stand for a long time a day. Due to the lack of sleep due to high-intensity work, they must concentrate on the table during the game and not dare to neglect the table…

Hearing that Chief Referee Zheng introduced so many things about referees, we really felt that it was not easy for the referees. I can devote my spare time to my favorite job, and I can do it so perfectly. On the balance of both sides of the competition, follow the rules of billiards, protect fairness, and make the game more exciting. There may be only one reason: hope More people can know and like billiards.

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