Xingpai Cup Cangzhou Station: Host young player Duan Zhangyan and two masters of Lianke attract attention

Starting from the first day of the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Zhejiang Sub-station Cangzhou Qualifying Tournament, the referees kept mentioning a person in the referee’s room-Duan Zhangyan, saying that the kid played an awesome ball. Defeating the two veterans of Wang Xiaoqian and Feng Zhi will qualify for the group stage winners. In the gap between the game, we also specially interviewed this magical teenager.


Speaking of yesterday’s impressive battle, Duan Zhangyan seemed very calm and humble. He smiled and said: “I played a bit extraordinary yesterday, and I also played at my own level. Generally speaking, I played well.”

In the face of experienced seniors, when facing two veterans Wang Xiaoqian and Feng Zhi, the 90-year-old teenager frankly said that he would be a little nervous at first: “I was nervous at the beginning of the game, but then I slowly adjusted myself.” Then he is not old, but Duan Zhangyan’s mental state is still very good. It is particularly worth mentioning that in his match with Wang Xiaoqian, Wang Xiaoqian has already won the match point 4-1. As a result, Duan Zhangyan has made 4 consecutive cities and sent Wang Xiaoqian to the loser group 5-4.

Regarding the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, the Zhejiang branch of the Cangzhou Qualifying Tournament, the host, Duan Zhang Yan, of course also sent a message of hope: “This game is going to be a big game, I hope I can play it well.”

Duan Zhangyan used to practice 9 ball in Shanghai for 3 or 4 years. Now he returns to Cangzhou to study under the banner of the famous general Zhang Jin, doing some business while playing.

“Is playing ball now a hobby of yours?”

Hearing this question, Duan Zhangyan’s face revealed a dilemma. He said: “I also consider my age, but I still want to take the career path. I still like billiards so much that I can’t let it go.”

Duan Zhangyan, who is now practicing in the Zhangjin Billiards Club, was asked who is more powerful in the competition with his master, Duan Zhangyan smiled: “Of course the master is more powerful, usually he wins more.” After the interview, Duan Zhangyan, He sat quietly next to the arena and watched the other games. He, who just lost to Shi Hanqing, will usher in the final crucial battle in the afternoon.

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