Champions League seventh group Higgins 3-2 Trump advances to the winner group

On the morning of March 28th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Champions League ended all seven groups of matches. In the finals of the last set of matches, the wizard John Higgins won a 3-2 deciding game and narrowly defeated Judd Trud. Mpu, caught the last train to enter the winner group to compete for the championship.


The opening game of the seventh group game was Higgins against the Belgian genius Luca Brechel. As soon as Higgins lost the first game 45-66, Higgins scored 17 points in the next second game, Breche Er hit a single shot 68 points to rewrite the score to 2-0, the next third game Brecher played his career first in the game 147, thus winning the game 3-0, Higgins first match Lose. The next game against the strong player Rich Wharton, the two tied 2-2 in the first two games, Higgins single shot 52 points in the first game, and two consecutive 50+ shots in the third game, in the deciding game. Higgins sealed the victory 69-55 and won the first victory with a total score of 3-2.

In the third game against Robert Milkins, Higgins lost one game and then won three games in a row to set the score at 3-1. In the third game, a single shot of 94 was divided into the only 50+ in the game. . In the fourth game, Trump encountered Trump. Higgins made a 66-1 first, then Trump scored 57 points in the second game to equalize the score. After that, Higgins won two games in a row and finished the final game. The game ended with 81 points on a single stroke and won the first matchup with Trump 3-1.

Then Higgins met Jimmy Robertson. After Higgins won the first game with 74 points on a single stroke, Robertson scored 124 points and 74 points on a single stroke in two consecutive games to lead the score back to 2-1. Higgins 70- 3 After equalizing the score, he lost 20-66 in the deciding game and got the second defeat. In the last round of the round-robin match against Dominique Dell, Higgins was in a brave state and won the opponent in three straight rounds. In the second round, he scored 146 points per shot. The other two rounds were also both. With a single stroke of 50+, Higgins advanced to the semifinals of the group with four wins and two losses.

In the first game, Trump scored 73, 57 and 65 points on a single stroke and defeated Robertson in three straight games. In the next game against Wharton, Trump scored 67 points on a single stroke in the first two games. With 108 points, Wharton struggled to get back a game after 68-47. Trump secured the victory in the fourth game 66-39 and won the second game 3-1. Immediately after facing Dell, Trump scored 118 and 97 points in a single stroke. Dell replied with two 50+ shots to push the game into the decisive game. Trump won 74-27 and got the third victory. After losing to Higgins in the fourth game, Trump first scored two shots to break a hundred 3-1 to sweep Milkins in the fifth game, and then relied on one shot to break a hundred and a 60+ in the sixth game. 3-1 surrendered Brecher and entered the semifinals with five wins and one loss.

In the semifinals, Higgins faced Robertson. In the first two rounds, Higgins controlled the situation and took a 2-0 lead with 63-60 and 69-21. Then Robertson scored 113 points on a single stroke to recover one round, the fourth round. Higgins scored 66 points to complete the lore and advanced to the final with a total score of 3-1. Trump faced Walton in the semifinals. Trump scored a 67 points for a single shot and then Wharton scored a single shot with 137 points to equalize. In the third game, Trump retaliated with 137 points and took the lead again. In the fourth game, Trump scored 68 points on a single stroke to win the final with Higgins 3-1.

In the group final, Trump scored 77 points on a single stroke to win the first game. In the second game, Higgins returned with 105 points on a single stroke. Trump led again with 89 points on a single stroke in the third game. However, Trump’s 52 points in a single stroke was reversed by Higgins in the fourth game with 67 points. The game entered the deciding round. The deciding round fell into the see-saw situation that Higgins is good at, and Higgins finally locked in 78-28. In the victory, the total score 3-2 narrowly won the group championship, becoming the last player to advance to the winner group to participate in the championship competition.

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