Welsh game-Yan Bingtao 5-2 Higgins enters the semifinals and Robertson eliminated

The 2020 Snooker Welsh League finishes the 1/4 finals of the Welsh League. Yan Bingtao became a dark horse. He defeated Higgins 5-2 to reach the semi-finals. The enemy of the finals is Murphy, who defeated Trump 5-3. Karen Wilson swept the defending Robertson 5-0 and became O’Sullivan’s enemy in the finals.

Yan Bingtao, the only Chinese player in the quarterfinals, tried Higgins. The two had two wins in the previous five encounters with Yan Bingtao. In the first game, Yan Bingtao quickly reached his best form, scoring 66 points, 109-21 unreasonable. In the second game, there are always opportunities for each other. Yan Bingtao led the game with 71-48 and 2-0. In the third game, Yan Bingtao continued to work hard, and Yiezhu scored 100 points and got a clean sheet, leading Higgins 3-0. In the fourth game, Higgins had a certain answer. He got a 71-3 catch-up game several times, and Yan Bingtao led the first four games 3-1 in the first half of the game.

In the fifth game of the second half, Yan Bingtao used his strength again and scored 55 points in a single stroke to win 81-8 4-1 to get the match point. In the sixth game, Higgins made a last stand and scored 56 points in one stroke to catch up with a match point 83-30. In the seventh game, Higgins had a chance to chase one more game and scored 51 points on a single stroke. However, Yan Bingtao resisted the pressure of work and reversed by 75-51 with 61 points. A big score of 5-2 replaced Higgins. The top four.

Trump, ranked number one in the world, will face Murphy in the quarter-finals. Before Trump and Murphy clash 32 times, Xiaote has an absolute advantage of 22 wins and 10 losses. In the first game, Murphy seized the opportunity of colored balls and took the lead 59-41. After Murphy scored a red number in the second game, he made a mistake. Trump replied that he scored 126 points and won the next game. In the third game, Murphy scored 96 points on a single shot and led the way again 2-1. In the fourth game, Trump scored 58 points with one stroke, but Murphy reversed and won 72-70, finishing the first half 3-1.

In the fifth game of the second half, Trump scored 66 points and won 89-46 to 2-3. After Murphy got started quickly in the sixth game, he scored 101 points and got a match point 4-2. In the seventh game, Trump replied with a stroke of over 100 and scored 100 points to catch up with a match point. In the eighth game, Murphy did not leave any more opportunities. He won 76-10 with 52 points in a single stroke. He defeated Trump 5-3 by a big score and reached the semifinals against Yan Bingtao in the finals.

Defending Robertson and Karen Wilson are competing for the semi-finals. Perhaps the last three or four weeks have cost a lot to reach the finals. This time there is absolutely no situation against Robertson. Karen Wilson firmly grasps the positiveness of the field and makes the singles in turn. With 79 points, 67 points and 63 points, a big score of 5-0 swept Robertson and reached the semi-finals to compete with O’Sullivan for the final qualification.

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