Yalemei became the official partner of China Taiwan Association for match balls

On February 27th, Beijing time, the Chinese Billiards Association formally signed an agreement with Belgian SALUC in Beijing, and Yalemei became the official sponsor of Chinese billiards, American billiards and snooker balls for the China Billiards Association.

Beginning in 2019, Yalemei billiards will be used as the only official designated ball in the snooker, American and Chinese billiards events hosted by the China Billiards Association.

Belgian Aroma billiards enjoy a legendary reputation all over the world for their durability, precision and consistent reliable quality, and are recognized as a model in the billiard industry.

The China Billiards Association is the highest organization in China that manages billiards and the only legal organization that liaises with the outside world. In recent years, with the support of all sectors of society, Chinese billiards have developed rapidly, and China has become the center of gravity for the development of world billiards.

The Belgian SALUC company will provide the highest-quality game balls for the various events hosted by the Chinese Billiards Association. The cooperation between the two parties will bring greater development to the Chinese billiard events and industry.

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