Fan Zhengyi beats Zhang Jiankang to advance to the quarterfinals: Know your opponents and play more targeted

On the evening of September 4, 2017, the CBSA China Professional Snooker Tour Baoying International Open’s eight-final battle was in full swing. In an academy civil war, Fan Zhengyi took two shots 70+ and one shot 60+ to 4- A score of 1 defeated Zhang Jiankang and advanced to the quarter-finals.

In the IBSF World Youth Championship that ended not long ago, Fan Zhengyi cleared all the way and won the championship. With this result, he won the world snooker professional qualification for the next two seasons. Therefore, Fan Zhengyi in the Chinese Tour of this station is quasi-world. He played as a professional player and attracted much attention.


Zhang Jiankang played the role of a dark horse in the Fuzhou station of the China Tour last season. At that time, he defeated several players with a professional background in snooker in the world to advance to the semifinals. At the same time, he also maintained the highest single-stroke score in the station. By. However, Zhang Jiankang’s wonderful performance did not stop at the China Tour. In the Jiaxing station of the China Youth Tournament held shortly thereafter, Zhang Jiankang made persistent efforts and won his first China Youth Championship trophy.

On the way to the promotion of the China Tour, Fan Zhengyi defeated Huang Zhong who was promoted in the play-offs, Li Chun from Jiangsu local player and Chen Ruifu from Chongqing to advance to the top 16. Zhang Jiankang, after overturning Xu Miao, Ma Yingzhu and Chen Zifan, fought against Fan Zhengyi, who is also the CBSA World Snooker Academy, in the top 8 competition.

In this game, Zhang was healthy and fully fired in the first game. He took a 1-0 lead with a score of 63-34 in the game. In the subsequent two games, Zhang Jiankang was overtaken by Fan Zhengyi while leading the game. After the game, Fan Zheng gradually grasped the initiative, and finally set the score of the academy civil war at 4-1 and eliminated. Zhang Jiankang advanced to the quarterfinals.

“In fact, he had a chance to play first in the first game, but because of a mistake, his opponent had the upper hand.” Fan Zhengyi said that he didn’t find his state at the beginning of the game and didn’t think about it when he hit the ball. “I seized the opportunity to score high in the next two games when I was behind, and beat him in the clearing stage. I think these two games are critical and have a greater impact on Zhang’s health.”

In July this year, the IBSF World Youth Championship was launched at the CBSA World Snooker Academy in Beijing. It was in the semifinals that Fan Zhengyi defeated Zhang Jiankang to advance to the final and eventually won the championship. “Health is the kind of player who likes to attack. I was almost defeated by him the last time I played in the World Youth Championship.” Knowing the opponent’s style of play, Fan Zhengyi made targeted adjustments in this game. “I will put more effort in defense, try not to fight offense, and wait for my opponent to give me a chance in defense.” Facts proved that Fan Zhengyi’s tactics worked.

In the quarter-finals, Fan Zhengyi said that he had completed the goal he set for himself before the game. In the next round, Fan Zhengyi will face another midfielder, Browning, who defeated Niu Zhuang 4-0 in the game that ended earlier and entered the quarter-finals. “You don’t want to see who your opponent is, just play your own game.” Fan Zhengyi said.

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