Spin? Not afraid! Time is tight? No problem! Xingpai installs the daily life of the game table team

For billiard players, “spinning” is commonplace. For example, Chen Siming, Fu Xiaofang and Liu Shasha, who are participating in the 2019 CBSA Guangzhou Haizhu 9-ball International Open, finished the Women’s 9-ball World Championship in Sanya a week ago and came to Yangcheng without stopping .

also live a “spinning” life, and there is also the star team that installs the game table. They have to participate in the construction of dozens of games a year, and they can almost cover the entire map of China. Speaking of the days of running around all year round and gathering less and more separation with his family, Master Li Hexin, who has worked at Xingpai for more than 20 years, said: “I’m used to it.”

On December 19, the Women’s 9-Ball World Championship ended in Sanya. After the demolition of the table was completed, the team went to Guangzhou on the 22nd. At this time, only one day is left for them to install the tables for the 9-ball International Open.

Master Li Hexin introduced that factors such as the difference in table types for different competitions, the difference in the number of tables, the allocation of venue time and other factors affect the time to install the tables before the game, but this is the first time he encountered such an urgent arrangement.

Stars will not be hindered by external difficulties. In the early morning of the 23rd, the team rushed to the venue and began intensive work. This team is experienced, and the youngest have five or six years. The cooperation of hundreds of games has allowed them to form a high degree of tacit understanding: “Everyone knows what needs to be done. I did not say (who, so and so) what to do deliberately.”

In the process of building the table, the team is most concerned about the flatness of the table. “Flatness is the most important thing. The ball can’t follow the arc, you have to follow the line. This must be guaranteed.” Master Li said.

For this game, Xingpai provides two pool tables-XW130-9B and XW138-9B. XW130-9B is the “Auspicious Clouds” table, which has appeared in the 9-ball China Open and the Women’s 9-ball World Championship for many years, and is well-known in all parties. XW138-9B is tailor-made for the competition, both luxurious and elegant. Although the appearance is different, the tablecloth, slate, and flatness standards of the two tables are the same, giving players a fair external game environment.

At present, the competition has passed halfway and the process is smooth and smooth. This is inseparable from the efforts of the Xingpai team that installed the game table. The completion of the work with quality and quantity in such a short time proves that Xingpai’s team is trustworthy. They used a wealth of experience to escort the game.

Spin? Not afraid! Time is tight? No problem! Xingpai installs the daily life of the game table team

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