Chinese Billiards World Championships fight Yushan again

China·Shangrao·Yushan 2017 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup 3rd Chinese Billiards World Championship Press Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People. According to the organizing committee, the qualifying tournament will be held from March 6th to March 11th, 2017. , The race will be held from March 13th to March 16th.

The Chinese Billiards World Championship is sponsored by the World Fancy Pool Association (WPA), the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the Chinese Billiards Association, the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Shangrao Municipal People’s Government. The World Professional Billiards Association (WPBSA), the International Billiards Association Supported by IBSF and undertaken by Yushan County People’s Government and Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sports Development Co., Ltd.

The Chinese Billiards World Championship has been officially included in the international competition system. The total prize money of the tournament is as high as 3 million yuan, the men’s champion prize is 600,000, and the women’s champion prize is 400,000. After the promotion of two World Championships, Chinese billiards has been increasingly recognized by international players. This tournament will have world professional snooker players from more than 40 countries around the world, many top WPA international players and Chinese billiards. The Association ranked the top 128 Chinese players in men’s Chinese billiards and the top 64 Chinese players in women’s Chinese billiards. A total of nearly 400 players participated. The well-known world famous snooker and American billiards such as Mark Williams, Robertson, Higgins, Ebelton, Jin Jiaying, etc. will be there. In addition to the participation of many international stars, the Chinese national pool team also participates in every World Championship. Among them are the top three WPA world champions such as Chen Siming, Han Yu, and Liu Shasha.

Chinese billiards is an independent and innovative billiard project in my country. Its simple and easy-to-understand rules and flexible playing methods have attracted countless Chinese and foreign fans. After the baptism of two World Championships, Chinese billiards has now become a form of snooker and fancy nine-ball. The three-legged situation in the billiards field. With the increasing influence of the Chinese Billiard World Championships, major billiard organizations are more optimistic about the development prospects of Chinese billiards.

Li Dazheng, deputy director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, believes: “Chinese billiards have the characteristics of mass, popularity, and sociality, which will promote the faster development of billiards.” Jason Ferguson, chairman of the World Snooker Association, said: “The World Snooker Association is willing to work with the Chinese Billiards Association to jointly commit to the sound development of billiards in China, and will continue to support and promote the international development of Chinese billiards.” Xingpai Group Chairman Gan Lianfang said: “Don’t forget your original intentions. Fang De always. Xingpai has been holding the belief in promoting the popularization, development and prosperity of billiards since its birth. No matter how the whole environment changes, we will firmly guard our beloved billiards industry, build a platform for fans and provide players with The stage, won the excitement for China.”

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