Pan Xiaoting’s first show wins again: I’m a slow-heating type, I feel like I’m playing with my soul

Xingpai pool table. After a tense deciding game, Pan Xiaoting completed her debut in the 2018 World 9-Ball China Open. With a score of 7-6, Pan Xiaoting defeated Huang Qingning and advanced to the winning round.

Pan Xiaoting, who had a bye in the first round of the double-loss match, played in the opening game tonight. Her opponent was Huang Qingning, who studied under Li Kunfang. In this game, Pan Xiaoting was in poor condition at the beginning, and was behind his opponent 1-3 at one time. At the end of the fourth round, Pan Xiaoting applied for a suspension. This has also become a turning point in this game. After a short break, Pan Xiaoting lost three straight games and overtook the score. After that, the scores of the two sides rose alternately, and finally fought to the decisive game.

In the last game, Pan Xiaoting’s rushing effect was very satisfactory. When the 9th ball was in the pocket, Pan Xiaoting breathed a sigh of relief and beat the opponent in a thrilling manner.

“I am a slow-heating player, so I have become accustomed to this rhythm.” Pan Xiaoting said after the game, “I am a person who likes to study myself. At the beginning of the game, my cue can’t be stretched out. I always Looking for this reason, it may be that the intensive training before the game puts some burden on my old injuries, and the muscles can’t smooth out the sense of speed, which will allow other parts of my body to compensate.”

“In response to these problems, I am currently undergoing some TCM treatments, such as cupping and Gua Sha.” The active treatment has had a certain effect. “At least I feel that the feeling of playing now is not playing with the body, but with the yuan. God races, minds.”

Last year, Pan Xiaoting fell into the losing team during the double defeat of the China Open. In an interview, she said that entering the losing team gives herself more opportunities to get familiar with the venue to warm up. Fighting again today, Pan Xiaoting said that she was mentally prepared when she was chased to the decisive game by her opponent.

“At the time, I was thinking that it would be good to go to the losing department to hone, and it can help me adapt to the environment faster.” Pan Xiaoting showed a positive and optimistic attitude of an outstanding professional athlete. However, this time she seized the opportunity and finally completed the lore, with a breathtaking pass. According to the schedule, tomorrow Pan Xiaoting will compete with Shi Tianqi for a place in the winning team.

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