Guangzhou International Billiards and Auxiliary Facilities Exhibition Xing Brand Booth Great Earthquake Exhibition Site

On May 9, 2015, the 9th Guangzhou International Billiards and Auxiliary Facilities Exhibition was officially launched. Xingpai, as a world leader in billiards industry, made a high-profile appearance at the exhibition site after three years. As an exhibitor of the exhibition, Xingpai displayed a number of technologically advanced billiard table products at the exhibition site.

Although Xingpai has not participated in the exhibition in the past three years, it has been committed to the technical research and development and improvement of billiard table products. Through continuous efforts and several failed experiences, Xingpai has finally successfully developed high-tech technology to improve the performance of the table. . At the beginning of this exhibition, Xingpai became the most concerned booth in this exhibition. At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of people visiting the Xingpai booth, and they all inquired and expressed their desire to have a Xingpai table. At the exhibition site, Xingpai’s staff patiently explained to all visitors and introduced technical points to them. The visitors were also amazed by its technology! Xingpai once again proved its leading technology and leading position in the billiard industry with facts.

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