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Xingpai pool table. In another month, Pan Xiaoting, the queen of nine balls, will soon be 37 years old. Looking back on her career development in the past 22 years, she looked up and thought for a while. “It’s really time flies, it seems that every bit of practice at that time is all something that happened yesterday.”

From a blank piece of paper to well-known

Snooker, for our country in the last tenth century, is undoubtedly a theme activity that is not very easy to be accepted. In the impression of everyone at that time, it seemed that young talents who could only do nothing would gather in the billiard hall. Therefore, when the young Pan Xiaoting decided to enter the billiards, she also suffered resistance from relatives and friends, including her mother.

“It was true that billiards were not very concerned at the beginning. Because everyone was not aware of billiards as a reliable sports competition, they were under a lot of work pressure.” At that time, the Chinese post billiards circle was able to

Use a piece of white paper to describe, when Pan Xiaoting stepped into it, difficulties followed one after another.

“The most bitter thing is that this new project is not completely perfected. You can digest and absorb the excellent core ideas of others and merge them into a set of core ideas of the position. This is very difficult.” But in the details of his father, Pan Jian In the guidance and support, Pan Xiaoting only trained for more than half a year and won the first national championship of the Nine-Ball Open.

Skills and opportunities have contributed to the rapid development of Pan Xiaoting’s test results. From 1998 to 2002, she won the championship of all women’s billiards games in China. In 2002, Pan Xiaoting also went to Japan to win the first national championship. In addition, in August 2002, Ding Junhui won the Global Youth Snooker Open Championship.

The advent of    Pan Xiaoting and Ding Junhui has promoted the real explosion of billiard fitness in our country. After nearly 20 years of development, nowadays, China has not only continuously emerged many future stars in snooker, but also the female nine-ball players in my country won the championship of the six world championships from 2013 to 2018. .

“I think billiards is indeed a fitness sport suitable for us Chinese to work in.” As billiards fitness is slowly receiving attention, more and more event introductions have also settled in our country, showing Chinese players a broader view. Performance stage. Thinking back to the hardships of the competition at that time, Pan Xiaoting sighed: “Today’s contestants are much luckier than my generation.”

Post or “do nothing”

In October 2013, Pan Xiaoting ascended the championship in the CBSA International American Billiards Championship Women’s Classic and won 10 national championship titles for her professional development. In addition, three consecutive championships and grand slams will be held in the national sports and cultural exchange meeting. Suddenly, Pan Xiaoting, with a delicate appearance, was just beginning to be well-known in our country.

After 22 years of overcoming obstacles on the road of post billiards, Pan Xiaoting’s personal experience and contributions have also awarded Pan Xiaoting many identities: the nine-ball queen, the first world championship winner in the billiard industry in my country, and the beautiful and beautiful golfer. When asked what the logo he wanted to give to the outside world was the most, he said: “I very much hope that everyone will remember that I am a professional golfer.”

Pan Xiaoting’s response was not unexpected, but just as she commented that she was “a pioneer in the field”, as a leader in the billiards industry in my country, aside from the position and the game, Pan Xiaoting still has obligations on her shoulders that are different from others. And work pressure, this is because she has always been deeply dissent.

Football fans who care about Pan Xiaoting will find that she, who previously claimed to “cut off ties with the entertainment industry”, is now appearing in large numbers outside the stadium. For example, during the empty schedule of the event, Pan Xiaoting will sign up for some variety shows or participate in celebrity endorsement theme activities.

In April 2013, Pan Xiaoting once again had an “electric shock accident” after participating in the film “The Gate of Dance” in 2007. She starred in the billiard-themed film “Fucked with No. 9 Ball”. In addition, at the song level, Pan Xiaoting also released the album ” Individually packaged”. Naturally, in the eyes of some football fans, the personal behavior of the nine-goal queen’s cross-border marketing is “do nothing”.

Pan Xiaoting told reporters that her thoughts are actually very simple: “I have been trying to cross-border marketing, and many people will question it. But I think if I only see me in the billiard industry, the development trend of billiards will always be just In the unpopular category, I hope that a large number of people can grasp and understand me based on their continuous trials. When you have a better recognition and overall strength, you can also promote billiards as soon as possible.”

“Fight for others”

For a technical professional player, career development is “like a person drinking water, warm and cold”. Coping with the boring training, the inevitable low tide, the hardship of returning to the top, and the sense of helplessness will make the word “retirement” appear in the mind without taking the initiative, and Pan Xiaoting does the same.

In the 2010 Beijing Olympics, Pan Xiaoting defeated the Chinese Taipei contestant Zhou Jieyu 7:5 in the women’s modern American 9-ball heads-up finals, finally dominating the Asian Games. After winning the World Championships, WPA, WPBA, Asian Cup of Men’s Football, National Championships and other honors, Pan Xiaoting finally maintained a grand slam of professional development.

But what many people don’t know is that just before the Beijing Olympics, Pan Xiaoting, who had been in a low tide for a long time, had the idea of ​​leaving the army. Finally, inspired by the football fans, she chose to raise the pool cue again. “Actually, I am very grateful to the fans and table tennis enthusiasts around me. They master me very much, and every link is a different incentive for me.”

Pan Xiaoting told reporters that he had received a private chat from a football fan. He left a message on the message board and said: “Sister Qianqian, you must never leave the military. My college entrance examination means that because of your spiritual essence, I have been supporting me. That means there is no time to watch your game on the spot. You will graduate immediately, and you will be discharged again.”

“If you hear this sound, you will feel that you are not fighting for yourself, but there are many people behind you to support you, and their rules are very simple. If you are happy to play billiards, it doesn’t matter. Victory, I think this is the best luck in this matter.” He said.

Football fans’ unrelenting application has given Pan Xiaoting confidence to let go and break through on the stage that belongs to her. In addition, the reason why she is determined to walk down is also the habit of training billiards for 20 years. He said that if he opened his eyes every day, he would not have to play, and he would often dream of a situation where the cue would forget to bring the ball and the ball would not be scored.

The inertial force that has been cultivated has made Pan Xiaoting unable to stop the pace of advancement. “Most of the people next to me talk to me about billiards, even if I don’t practice, because I want to read some videos of the games, during the whole process of playing the video, it can exceed the actual effect of practice. ”

“You are also Pan Xiaoting, you are also a national champion”

Han Han once wrote in “Because I Never Known About This Type of Energy” that he, who respectfully called “Ding Junhui at the Speedway” and “Taifeng International O’Sullivan”, wanted to play at the pool table with “The Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting. The result of the contest was that only one thing was done during the whole night, and that was the kick-off.

Pan Xiaoting never hides her skills in billiards. But behind her, all of this came from the tricks the old senior told her. “In the beginning, people played basketball, but many older seniors said that you must use the pool cue as a part of your body, and then you can

The combination of people and poles, to produce the best practical effect. ”

Football fans who watched Pan Xiaoting’s game must have a deep impression of her seriousness on the field. Pan Xiaoting in Odaiba is also called “The Ice Angel”. I heard that it is the nickname given to Pan Xiaoting by the enemy, because her eyes are always full of evil spirits.

But it is not for every match, Pan Xiaoting can be so confident, especially in the condition of not practicing much. “(I don’t practice) I’m actually very guilty in playing basketball, but when the enemy sees you imaginary, his self-confidence will rise, so I can get the first foot in the aura.” He said .

“My evil spirit must be taken out. When playing some key goals, I can say for myself that you are also Pan Xiaoting, you are also a national champion, and you are also a competition-type contestant. This ball will undoubtedly be scored.” Listen. It looks a lot like self-suggestion of “smashed chicken blood”, Pan Xiaoting is unsatisfactory after all attempts.

‘S self-confidence also melted into Pan Xiaoting’s clothing, food, housing and transportation outside the competition field. During the Lunar New Year Cup competition period, whether it was competitions, talent shows, or cooperating with the organizers to carry out related publicity and planning theme activities, Pan Xiaoting was able to solve them handily. She told reporters: “A cheerful and proactive mental state, I think I can enjoy it very much in food, clothing, housing and transportation.”


To deal with the unpredictable position of the game, perseverance represents a lot of trials. Pan Xiaoting also mentioned on her own social network: “In the early twenties, the one who expects the most is to achieve success. When it becomes more and more perfect, the expectation is to be able to remain calm before the eyes of different trials.”

Pan Xiaoting’s most significant change in recent years is that the total number of matches has plummeted. She bluntly said that she would self-reflection when she found problems in every aspect, especially when she played the tournament too often, and everyone had no desire to win. So she was determined “to change and reduce the frequency of her own competition.”

Such a change made Pan Xiaoting cherish every event even more, allowing herself to exceed the high-efficiency training situation in a short period of time. “Under such a thing, your game and training are very mysterious, and you can reignite your passion for it. It’s not like playing 12 events in the previous year, and you really get into the back, which means playing on behalf of the game. ”

In addition, the trials outside the football field are like a shadow. Pan Xiaoting said that if she can do a lot of things for table tennis, she wants to try it. But her pursuit of perfect temperament also makes this decision by no means easy. “I don’t want to blindly follow the trend of cross-border marketing. If I really love this industry, if I want to do it well, it is a trial.”

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