Upset! The defending champion was out of the first round Li Hewen: I didn’t expect to lose

On November 8, 2012, the 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hangzhou Station kicked off at the Hangzhou British Championship Billiards Club. In the afternoon men’s 64-point 32 game, the defending champion Li Hewen was upset. Lost to opponent Meng Fanyu out.

As the only officially recognized Chinese billiards ranking tournament in the country, the CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has successfully held two main tournaments this year. Although the venue and opponents are different, Li Hewen has maintained an unbeaten record in the tournament. The men’s championship in the two races, this time in the Hangzhou race, Li Hewen appeared as the No. 1 seed, and he is of course regarded as the most powerful contender for the championship.

In the men’s first round of 64-to-32 match in the afternoon, Li Hewen played against Meng Fanyu. At the beginning of the game, Li Hewen played well and quickly led the opponent 3-1 after getting a good start. In the middle of the game, Meng Fanyu tried to win 3 consecutive rounds to equalize and overtake. After that, the two men had their respective wins and losses to catch up to a 5-5 tie. In the 11th game, Li Hewen started to clear the table, but made a fatal error when dealing with the last No. 8 ball. This became the most important turning point of the whole game. After Meng Fanyu came on the field, he cleared the table and took the lead to get the match point. In the 12th game, Meng Fanyu cleared the stage with a beautiful stroke and did not give his opponent any chance. The game ended with a 7-5 victory over Li Hewen.

Talking about this game after the game, Li Hewen bluntly did not expect that he would lose. “I didn’t perform well today, but my opponent’s performance was not very good. The main reason is my own. I have a serious fever and my physical condition has affected my performance.” Li Hewen said. In the 11th inning of the game, as long as the No. 8 ball was scored, he could lead his opponent to get the match point. The mistake made by Li Hewen also made the current No. 1 player feel sorry, “The No. 8 ball should have been scored. But I lost the shot, and there was some interference outside the field at the moment of the shot, which affected me. Of course, there are also reasons of my own.”

As the defending champion of two tournaments and the top seeded player in Chinese billiards in the country, will he have a certain psychological advantage or underestimate his opponent before participating in the competition? Faced with a reporter’s question, Li Hewen replied, “I didn’t underestimate the enemy, but I did not expect that I would lose before I came here. In short, if you lose, you will lose. This result cannot be changed. Work hard in the future.”

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