2 The British challenged the Guinness World Records and intends to continue playing snooker for 100 hours

How much does the billiard table cost? The two Americans recently prepared to test a Guinness record about snooker billiards in advance. They prepared in advance to play snooker for 100 hours to raise funds for a new charity project.

These two NBA warriors are called Chris Bullen and Corporate Joel, they are all soldiers of the Royal Air Force. The two people plan to start this trial at 10 am on June 5th, and they have been playing snooker and scoring at 2 noon on June 9th. For this purpose, they are raising funds for a new charity project and celebrating the Royal Army. Commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founding.

If they can succeed, they will set a new Guinness record. It is understood that the previous record was 85 hours and 19 minutes.

The Global Taiwan Federation also paid attention to this matter on the official website, and joked: “Don’t forget the situation!”

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