Jones was confirmed not to control the game but he admitted to other violations

Xingpai pool table. The 30-year-old Welsh player Jamie Jones has been confirmed not to participate in the game manipulation, but he admitted that he did not report the violation after he became aware of the violation.

In October last year, Jamie Jones was suspended for being suspected of manipulating the game between David John and Graeme Dort. However, according to the findings of the disciplinary team, he did not place any illegal bets.

And former professional snooker player John admitted that he manipulated the results of the two games without his opponent’s knowledge. The punishment results of John and Jones will be announced in the future.

When    was suspended, Jones was ranked 39th in the world. He admitted that he knew that John was secretly manipulating the game, but he did not report the situation to the organizing committee.

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association recently issued a statement stating: “The committee considers this to be an extremely serious problem, especially when professional players are responsible for ensuring the fairness of the game as much as possible.”

However, according to the organization’s relevant regulations on player betting, Jones did not bet illegally, so further charges against him have been dropped.

Although Jones still faces a suspension, the punishment will not be as severe as John. John has been confirmed to have secretly manipulated the 2017 game with Joe Perry and Dortmund, but his opponent is considered innocent.

This ruling on Jones was made after the largest corruption case in snooker history broke out last year. This is the long-term suspension of two Chinese professional players.

Yu Delu was given the second longest ban in snooker history for 10 years and 9 months due to the manipulation of multiple games and profiting from them. Although Cao Yupeng has a three-year probation, his suspension has also reached six years.

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