Amway Cup Lin Yuanjun won the championship for the second time, Liu Yuchen entered the semi-finals to show his potential

On April 12, 2015, the “Source of Ann Interests Cup” World Women’s Fancy Pool Open ended in Taipei. Chinese Taipei player Lin Yuanjun defeated Filipino player Lu Bilin Emmett 11-9, winning for the second time since 2008 Amway Cup champion. Chinese teenager Liu Yuchen, who participated in the Amway Cup for the first time, reached the semi-finals with gratifying results.

Liu Yuchen, the young player, is the most surprising among the Chinese players in this competition. The Chinese teenager Liu Yuchen, who participated in the Amway Cup for the first time, broke through in the second round of the match. Liu Yuchen entered the single-loss stage as the second group in the group stage. Since then, Liu Yuchen defeated Cheska Centeno and Chen Heyun with two 7-4 scores.

In the 8-to-4 match, Liu Yuchen faced “9-goal queen” Pan Xiaoting. The teenager defeated Pan Xiaoting 9-5 in the form of a newborn calf. In the semifinals, Liu Yuchen and Chinese Taipei player Lin Yuanjun fought until the final game, but unfortunately lost the game 8-9. Nevertheless, she can enter the semi-finals in her first show, and Liu Yuchen handed over a satisfactory report card, allowing people to see her potential.

In the other half, Fu Xiaofang lost 4-9 to the Indonesian “Angel” Angelin, who was easily eliminated 1-9 by the Philippines No. 10 champion Lu Bilin Emmett in the semifinals.

The final was between Lin Yuanjun and Emmet. The process of the final was very anxious. The two players drew 3-3, 5-5 and 9-9 successively. Lin Yuanjun took the lead to get the match point 10-9. In the 20th inning, Lin Yuanjun missed the No. 1 ball while he was rushing the ball. After that, both sides made mistakes. The appearance of No. 3 ball on the far stage with a less difficult shot by Emmet eventually ruined the game. Lin Yuanjun finished the clearing and finally defeated Emmet 11-9, winning the Amway Cup for the second time since 2008.

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