Chinese Billiards World Championships double-loss table: Zheng Yubo was drawn to the top

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The main match of the “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championships will start on March 22, and the double-loss draw has been released. Zheng Yubo, who played in the international men’s team as the defending champion, was drawn to the top and won the promotion without worry; Chu Bingjie, Yang Fan, Zhao Ruliang and others will fight hard in the domestic men’s team. In the women’s group, Chen Siming and Kelly Fisher met in the first round.

The double-loss competition is divided into 4 groups, namely: international men’s group (32 people), domestic men’s group (32 people), international women’s group (16 people) and domestic women’s group (16 people). In each group, every 8 people form a double-loss team, taking turns rushing the ball. The men’s team has 17 games and 9 wins, and the women’s team has 13 games and 7 wins.

The international men’s division produces 16 advancement places (8 winners and 8 losers), the domestic men’s division produces 16 advancements (8 winners, 8 losers), and 32 men’s advancers are mixed in the single-loss phase. Draw lots. The international women’s group has 8 promotion places (4 winners and 4 losers), and the domestic women’s group has 8 promotion places (4 winners and 4 losers). 16 women’s advancers are mixed in the single defeat stage. Draw lots.

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