Trump hits 143 points on a single stroke, and goes hand in hand with Higgins Bingham to pass the first hurdle

On the first day of the 2017 Snooker England Open, Trump, who was runner-up last year and had just successfully defended his title at the European Masters, beat Robbie Williams 4-3 twice, and joined hands with Higgins and Bingham. Pass the first round.


The English Open, which was born last year, together with the Welsh Open, the Northern Ireland Open and the Scottish Open, constitute the British home series. The championship trophy was named the “Davis Cup” to pay tribute to the six-time world champion Steve Davis. This event is the seventh ranked tournament of the season, using a flat format where all players start from the first round.

Last year, Trump broke into the final and lost to Liang Wenbo and ended in runner-up. For Trump, who just finished defending his title at the European Masters last week and won his eighth ranking title, the English Open is a must. On the same day, he played against Robbie Williams. Trump, now ranked No. 4 in the world, lost the first game and adjusted in time. He scored 114 points and 143 points in a single stroke to achieve a 2-1 lead.

Robbie Williams, ranked only 63, was not to be outdone, with 95 and 66 points in a single stroke to get the match point 3-2. In the face of a dangerous situation, Trump did not confuse himself. After 78-32 dragged the game into the decisive game, he made another victory at 89-8. In this way, Trump won 4-3 thrillingly and advanced to the top 64 against Mark. -Joyce.

John Higgins, one of the three best in 75, despite having a four-shot 50+ performance, still encountered strong resistance from the 23-year-old English teenager Slyser, and finally passed the risk 4-3. In the second round, the opponents of the Scottish Wizards will be produced between Celtic and Bolton.

The 2015 world champion Bingham broke the 100 twice and swept Lee Walker 4-0. In the second round, the Sharks awaited the winners of Mark King and Fang Xiongshao.

Mark Allen, now ranked 10th in the world, scored 73, 72 and 80 points in a single stroke, 4-0 victory over legendary veteran Jimmy White. “Welsh Dragon” Stevens scored 132 and 66 points in a single shot, 4-0 Scottish rookie Saraf.

In addition, Murphy undertook Iran’s Wahdi 4-1, and Karen Wilson narrowly defeated Rod Rolla 4-3. Carter won Oliver Lanes 4-1, Hawkins 4-2 Peter Lanes, and both Lanes and his son lost.

A total of three shots of 140+ were produced on the first match day. Except for Trump’s 143 points, Lisowski’s highest single shot of the day belonged to Lisowski, who scored 144 points in the game against McLeod. , Plus 130 points on a stroke, the total score is 4-0. Highfield made 140 points in a single shot and won the Irish veteran O’Brien 4-3.

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