Selby successfully defended his title in China Open 11-3

The newly upgraded China Open, the second largest professional snooker tournament in the world, came to an end on the evening of April 8th, Beijing time. In the first stage of the final, the defending champion and world number one Selby was 8-2 ahead of the eighth-ranked Hawkins. In the second stage, Selby continued to dominate and won 11-3. He became the first player to successfully defend the China Open after 2005, leading up to 225,000 pounds (approximately 2 million yuan). prize. Hawkins also gained a lot, winning the runner-up prize of £90,000. The £35,000 147 full score award and £7,000 single-stroke top score award were equally divided by O’Sullivan and Bingham.


This is Selby’s third China championship in four years and the 14th ranking trophy of his career. On the ranking championship list, with this title that night, Selby will play Ding Junhui and Robertson. The post-80s all left behind. Selby therefore enjoys the sixth seat exclusively, with the top five being Hendry, O’Sullivan, Higgins, Steve Davis and Williams. Ding Junhui and Robertson tied for seventh.

This year is the 14th China Open since it officially became associated with Beijing in 2005. The scale of the event has been upgraded and it has become the second largest event in the world after the World Championships. Top players including O’Sullivan, Higgins, Trump and China’s Ding Junhui gathered together. After a week of fierce competition, Selby and Hawkins met in the final.

Looking back at the previous games, both sides played their best in the finals. Mark Williams, one of Selbylenk’s 75 best, and Wilson, the young king born in the 1990s, were rivals, while Hawkins eliminated strong contenders such as Robertson. Although the performance of the two in the front is perfect, but the finals did not appear tit-for-tat, but showed a one-sided situation, which is more or less unexpected.

The tense atmosphere in the first stage of the final made neither of them have a very good single stroke performance. In such an atmosphere, Selby is undoubtedly more favorable. In the end, Selby ended the first ten rounds with a huge 8-2 advantage. In the 11 wins of 21 rounds, the distance was very close to victory.

The finals entered the second stage of competition. After the intermission, Selby continued his hot touch and scored 112 points cleanly in the 11th inning. This was also the first shot of the final to break a hundred, with a total score of 9-2.

In the 12th inning, Hawkins wasted 43-0 innings to lead. Selby scored 83 points on a single stroke and scored a match point 10-2 early.

In the 13th inning, Selby fluctuated and lost a red ball 39-0. Hawkins recovered 25 points and lost the red ball in the base library, and Selby soon gave another gift. Hawkins cautiously attacked. When he scored the pink ball to win the game, the cold-feeling Hawkins did not control his strength and angle well, causing the cue ball and the pink ball to be close to the ball and had to switch to the defense. Fortunately, after a few rounds of defense, Selby left him a long-range opportunity. Hawkins scored a pink goal and successfully saved a match point.

However, Hawkins failed to further narrow the point difference. In the 14th game, Selby cleared a single shot with 132 points and a total score of 11-3. Following the traditional three major tournament slam titles, his career It is the icing on the cake in the newly upgraded second competition.

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