Uncle Ma’s unicorn arm VS Robertson’s pectoralis major

Xingpai pool table. Marco Williams won the World Championships again after more than one round of time, and his vows to honour the world have been fading, and it has been quietly the past year. In this year, Uncle Ma’s clothing, food, housing, transportation, wine, golf, and women of his own may also have other women waiting. It seems that this has replaced his motivation and desire to win in the game. In this whole season, Williams can only play in the Yushan Global League. He has worked tirelessly to perform the big reversal again and again, and by the way, it severely hit the confidence of one junior after another, and that also It was already eight months ago.

In addition, he has not reached the semifinals at all stops, even if only 16 or even 8 people have signed up for this event. You will still be afraid to remove him from the championship candidates completely, but the subjective distinction of “actually he has nothing to play” becomes more obvious. This also shows why the defending Williams, who won the Champions League, is not in the top five regardless of whether it is before or after the draw is drawn. He is just braced with the old guy Higgins and is taken over by the new season. Wilson and Bingham, the champions of various small and medium-sized competitions, were overwhelmed.

Naturally, in general, you can not regard him as the first popular or put him in the proper room of the poster, but it is a bit too much to say that it is a bit too much for people to throw it into the part of “Wu Xin Exclusive”. Doesn’t anyone who ran need affection?

Actually, after the lottery result went out, I never suspected that Uncle Ma could successfully enter the second round. George Gould’s global ranking is the sixth highest among those who rushed out of all qualifiers, and the difference with the fifth place Li Xing can basically be ignored. Moreover, he has had eight conversations with Uncle Ma in the past. Playing a 5-3 still occupies an advantage. But if you take a look at the single-season ranking before the World Championships, Gould is hidden away from the 80th place, side by side with amateur LeBron James Cahill, and can be ranked in front of Joe Swell and Oliver Lane. S, I still don’t know what they did this season.

To put it simply, Gould’s main performance in the rankings this season is basically chaos, which is his own worst test score in the past three or four years. Of course, others won the Champions League championship, and the whole process was very complete. The qualifiers were immediately famous at one time. When they came to the championship group, they were blocked by people. There is indeed a kind of thing that I don’t understand if I take off my vest. Your demonstrative enthusiasm. But buddy, that’s just an Open with 3 wins across the board.

rushed to the main match of the World Championships, Gould took advantage of the enemy to defend his title and fought in the opener, and even the first game of the opener, he frequently attacked and scored a blood. However, he did not expect that the person squatting at the door was defending the title by a propaganda poster that completely annoyed the vicious incident of Bian’er and his son without a ticket. From the second game onwards, Williams had unceremoniously killed five games in a row. , Not only a single shot of 129 for the ultimate clearing, one shot after another 50+, but also the strongest faint in history to add seasoning to the audience watching the game, I can’t help but sigh, how damn long it is Time hasn’t seen him fully perform like that.

In the first stage of the event, Gould spent a lot of time just sitting and watching the show, his eyes were slowly losing focus behind the glasses. Coming to the perfect ending of the first round, Ma Shu still prevailed to want to hit a 147. Of course, hitting 147 has not been the advantage of Marco Williams in the past 30 years. But anyway, he established a 6-3 lead, and in the second stage of the night, it took four games to get the match point. Since then, Uncle Ma has been very “friendly” and allowed Gould to show a few high scores, which is counted as a performance at the Tsuna Silk Festival before the farewell competition.

In the last 10-7, a game that took into account competition, image, and belonging, Williams became the first football player to reach the top 16 in this World Championship. In the next round, he will have to deal with something new. Joe Perry, who was beaten by him twice in the season, will also be Gilbert, who was personally educated by him in the Yushan Finals.

But to be honest, in this slightly less competitive upper half, you can still see it after a day of competition. It is still not Marco Williams that highlights the greater opportunity for the encirclement, but Neil Robertson. After Beijing swept away 225,000 championship prizes and raised one’s world ranking to fourth, the Robertson Foundation also locked the top three popular candidates in the World Championships. Compared with O’Sullivan and Trump, His chances of entering the finals should be even higher. It is not even an actual enemy that can stop him here. It is just the probability. Since the last five races can reach the finals, it is really terrifying and very small. Up.

But all in all, replacing Neil Robertson, it was Michael George U who was absolutely unable to do it, and he was not convinced. There is not much explanation about Robertson after the first round of the game before the game. It really belongs to a game that has no accidents and no human nature. It has a seven-shot high score and a 9-0 game against George Wu. In the first stage of the physical and mental baptism, in fact Robertson should be considered the first football player in the second round. Even if the enemy Giorgiou expressed “10-9 major reversal? Maybe?”, that twiter seemed to be as sympathetic as Sora Aoi was a first-time girl.

Since Robertson entered his 37th birthday on February 11, 2019, and the day when the Welsh League opened, this American has already won two championships and two third places, each time he will stop at the end of the game. Although he has contributed to O’Sullivan twice, there is no doubt that his main performance in the past two months is really irresistible. He is earning enough baby formula money for his second child and has entered the best of his career. Yes, a season.

In addition to the income and rankings, Robertson’s self-confidence has also been firmly established. This is why he will take photos with fans outside the competition arena, and even tell that he is very popular among Chinese female fans. In that case, although the cousin does not know where he is based, he only knows the Longlegs, ass, blond, etc. on his body, which are indeed all popular tags on adult video sites, but anyway, he can feel his game psychology at this stage. The state should be unique, and it will be better than O’Sullivan who wants to catch up with Hendry’s record.

If Robertson previously expressed his desire to win the World Championships again, it was still a somewhat elusive flag, then now that it is indeed the minimum requirement for himself.

Judging from the results of one day of the World Championships, this competition also has a family, and it is none other than Chinese sports. Before the game, they continued to sign Uncle Ma and Robertson, the two football players who were promoted at the very beginning, and their eyes were not so vicious. Saying this is too annoying to many Higgins fans, but I still hope that one of them will finally successfully bring the China Sports LOGO to the finals. However, everyone is so good at switching, why not sign Ding Junhui?

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