Ding Junhui goes all out for the champion, smiles like defeat, don’t beat the bricks

On April 6, Beijing time, the 2014 Snooker China Open will begin the final battle. Ding Junhui will face the world’s number one “Melbourne Machine” Robertson. On the eve of the crucial battle, Ding Junhui said on the Internet: “I won the championship in Shanghai and Chengdu. I also hope that Beijing can also win a championship. In this way, I would like to thank the Beijing fans for their support. To this end, I will Go all out. But if you accidentally only win a runner-up, don’t shoot me with a brick.” These words also reflect Ding Junhui’s mature mentality.

In this season’s Snooker China Open, Ding Junhui showed an excellent competitive state. The 5-1 defeat of Astley in the first round was just a warm-up. In the second round, Thailand’s Tachaia was eliminated 5-3, and in the third round. Demonstrating the feel to beat Higgins 5-2, the first real test across the road to promotion. Subsequently, the “Chinese Ding” became more and more brave in the Vietnam War. In the quarter-finals, they swept Mark-King 5-2. In the semi-finals, the “dark horse” Dunn was 6-0, making the “Selby Terminator” matchless. . In the final, Ding Junhui will face Robertson.

Ding Junhui is naturally no stranger to the world’s number one “Melbourne Machine”. Both are representatives of players born in the 1980s, and there have been many confrontations between the two sides. So in the press conference after the semifinals, Ding Junhui talked about Robertson very familiar. “Robertson played very well. The first few games were leading all the way, and he didn’t win when he was behind. Although he played three 5-4, his ability to master the game is much better than others. Tomorrow’s In the game, I hope to play my ball well and do a good job on both offense and defense.”

Being so familiar with the situation of his opponents in the final proves that Ding Junhui attaches great importance to Robertson. Of course, it also reflects his desire for victory and championship from the side. If Ding Junhui can reach the top of the China competition, he will win the rankings for the 11th time, further establishing the king of the post-80s, and tying the record of 6 finals and 5 wins for Hendry in a single season. On the one hand, fighting in the capital, Beijing, on the other hand, the championship carries many meanings and is the key to Ding Junhui’s impact on many records. Therefore, the “Chinese Ding” is particularly looking forward to winning the championship.

“I won the championship in Shanghai, and Chengdu won the championship. I also especially hope that Beijing can also win a championship. This is to thank the Beijing fans for their support. To this end, I will go all out tomorrow.” Ding Junhui said on the Internet. Remarks, first of all thank the fans for their support and encouragement, and then express their belief in the impact of victory. Of course, Robertson is not an easy one, and it is very difficult to win, so Ding Junhui also calms his mind and prepares for regrets: “But if you accidentally only won a runner-up, don’t shoot me with a brick.” Although Yes, but from Ding Junhui’s slightly joking tone, he can still feel his confidence and maturity of the game mentality.

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