Ding Junhui regrets losing in his new year’s debut, Joe Perry wins the opener

The 2020 Snooker Masters will unravel the curtain. Ding Junhui entered the first battle of the Chinese New Year, but the situation was not adjusted to the best. The game was completely suppressed by the enemy and finally lost to Joe Perry 3-6. The round was eliminated.

Ding Junhui regrets losing in his new year's debut, Joe Perry wins the opener

This is the 16th time that Ding Junhui competes for hegemony in the championship. He has had one championship and one third place exam results. And Joe Perry, who is 13 years older than him, only played 9 times. The last time he arrived in this game was in 2017 and reached the finals all the way to the finals. Although he lost to O’Sullivan and got the third place, but He had beaten Ding Junhui on the promotion road, and it was also the last time Perry won in a direct dialogue between the two. The two have a lot of origins in the championship, and the first match was in this game. In 2004, the young Ding Junhui qualified as a wild card and defeated Perry to get his first victory in the championship. Starting from the 2019 British Championships, Ding Junhui won 13 of the final 14 matches at the end of the year. The situation suddenly rose without warning. The opening game of this championship is the first event he signed up for in 2020; Perry was in the previous Soon he played in the Champions League of two groups, relatively speaking, he was more in the state of the game.

Ding Junhui regrets losing in his new year's debut, Joe Perry wins the opener

In the first game, Perry activated the accuracy to score the first goal of this championship game, and gave priority to 39 points. After Ding Junhui got started, he only caught up with 2 points and lost gear. Since then, he has a chance to solve the problem. Perry took the victory in this game; Ding Junhui quickly blasted a high-quality 135 points to equalize the score; but in the third game Ding Junhui made mistakes in defense and attack. Perry still found the opportunity after a period of stalemate and led again. After the three rounds, Ding Junhui’s success rate of the long stage is 0%, and the touch is still not fully opened. In the 4th game, Ding Junhui had a K-ball error and the cue ball was unfortunately smashed. However, Perry had no accuracy in this game. He was quickly dealt with and returned the dominant power. Ding Junhui once again entered the game and overscores. The score was tied 2-2. Resting home, Perry reversed the game with 71 points and took the lead for the third time, while Ding Junhui also continued to maintain a team style, tying again with 71 points on a single stroke.

Next, Perry Yezhu scored a brilliant 93 points, and Ding Junhui entered first in the 8th inning, but after getting 41, an error occurred in the frame attacking the red ball. Perry went up to clear the table. By this time, the score was worse. Two games at a time, in addition, Perry, who leads 5-3, has already won the match point. In the ninth game of the winning game, Perry had already come to the best situation regardless of his confidence or his touch. Even if there was an error in the attack, he still managed to quickly regain the opportunity, be strong and make another city, and finally won 6-3. Victory, the first to enter the top 8 of the game. At this point, Ding Junhui was eliminated in a somewhat regrettable round. In the championship game, he lasted five rounds from 12 to 16 years. He hurriedly concluded his new journey to the championship. Next, Ding Junhui will also play in Austria and Germany that month to sign up for the European Masters and the German Masters.

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