The Chinese Billiards World Championships came to a successful conclusion

China·Shangrao·Yushan 2018 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship ended successfully in Yushan No. 1 Middle School on the evening of March 30. After 12 days of fierce competition in 809 games, Zheng Yubo and Han Yu finally defeated Chris Merlin and Liu Shasha respectively to win the men’s and women’s teams, marking a successful end to the 4th Chinese Billiards World Championship.


Xie Laifa, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shangrao Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government; Lin Jun, Deputy Director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau; Ding Xiaosheng, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shangrao Municipal Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department; Zheng Yanfang, Secretary-General of the Shangrao Municipal Government of Jiangxi Province; Xu Shubin, Deputy Secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee and County Mayor of the People’s Government of Yushan County, Gan Liantong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association and Vice Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, Liu Chunsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Billiards Association, and Liao Guilin, Vice Chairman of Yaqi Group, and other leaders and guests attended Closing ceremony and awards.

This year’s World Championships attracted more than 400 players from 43 countries and regions to participate. Joe Perry, Chris Merlin, Kelly Fisher, Jin Jiaying, Chen Siming, Han Yu, Liu Shasha and other Chinese billiards, snooker, nine-ball players have brightened their swords. The increase in the number of participating countries and players shows that after the accumulation of three Chinese-style billiards World Championships and with the increasing influence of Chinese-style billiards, its formality, professionalism and authority have been widely recognized and loved all over the world. The sport of billiards has surpassed ethnicity and culture, religion and skin color. In the name of billiards, it has promoted cultural exchanges between countries in the world, and has brought mutual emotions and friendships closer.

To hold a successful Chinese Billiards World Championship requires the concerted efforts and cooperation of many parties. Hu Jianfei, secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee, said that hundreds of athletes competed on the same field, achieved their dreams, fully demonstrated their superb competitive level and good sports ethics, the style of the game, the friendship of the game, and the brand-new spirit of the game. Hu Jianfei believes that the 4th Chinese Billiards World Championships, the world’s top event, can be successfully held in Yushan. It is inseparable from the National Sports General Administration and the Chinese Billiards Association, Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Shangrao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Care and support; it is also inseparable from all media reporters, volunteers and Yushan people for their strong support and active participation. He expressed his most sincere thanks for this.

At the closing ceremony, Mayor Xie Laifa, Secretary Hu Jianfei, Vice Chairman Gan Liantong, and Deputy Secretary-General Liu Chunsheng presented trophies, medals, bonuses and certificates to the men’s champion Zheng Yubo; Deputy Director Lin Jun, County Mayor Xu Shubin, Vice Chairman Liao Guilin and Deputy Director Chen Rishun presented the award to the women’s champion Han Yu.



Minister Ding Xiaosheng, Secretary General Zheng Yanfang, Zhang Changqing, Director of Yushan County People’s Congress, Zhu Mingshan, Chairman of Yushan County CPPCC, Luo Laishui, Deputy Secretary of Yushan County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wu Feng, Deputy Director of Accounting and Finance Division of Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Gan Jialing, Jiangxi Xingpai Sports Development Co., Ltd. The general manager and He Zehua, the regional general manager of Yaqi Group Shangrao, and other leaders and guests presented awards to the second and third men’s and women’s teams respectively.

In addition, Hu Jianfei also awarded the exclusive title sponsor medal to Liao Guilin, vice chairman of Yaqi Group, and other participating leaders awarded honorary awards to organizations, units and individuals that made outstanding contributions to the World Championships.

Zheng Yubo said after winning the championship, with the internationalization of the Chinese Billiards World Championship, more and more international players will participate in the competition, and it will definitely be popular all over the world in the future.

Han Yu happily said after his thrilling victory: “The Chinese Billiards World Championship brings together all the top players in the world. Not everyone can win the championship. It is a great honor for me to be able to do it and realize my dream since childhood. We must work harder to realize bigger dreams.”


It is worth noting that this World Championship has achieved upgrades, innovations and breakthroughs in many aspects. This year’s opening ceremony was transferred from indoor to outdoor for the first time, and the director team of CCTV “Singing a New Era” was invited to plan and direct; the event also authorized China Sports Internet Sports Platform to conduct exclusive live broadcast of the event for the first time, and watch online during the event. The number of people is as high as one million; the real-time drawing and real-time score announcement system is enabled, which greatly improves the efficiency of drawing lots and reduces the time for delayed announcement of scores. This set of competition management system has reached the most advanced technical level of domestic competitions. A number of technological innovations have been integrated into this World Championships, which not only facilitates players and spectators to understand the event dynamics in real time, but also fully demonstrates the professionalism of the operator Jiangxi Xingpai Sports Development Co., Ltd.

Throughout the 4th Chinese Billiards World Championship, no matter the scale of the event, technical application, or the number of participating countries and players have reached unprecedented heights. As an event with China’s independent intellectual property rights, the Chinese Billiards World Championship is using its unique billiard culture as the “universal language of the world”, connecting China and the world through the form of sports culture. In the future, with the rapid increase of China’s international influence, Chinese billiards, as a component of the “great power dream”, will surely usher in a broader space for development.

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