Welsh Open-Yan Bingtao Tian Pengfei cleared Xiaote’s 4-0 quick victory

The Welsh League of Global Snooker will compete for the second day in Cardiff. Yan Bingtao, Tian Pengfei and Xiao Guodong made their appearances in the time range between 1 and 2 noon. They not only defeated their respective enemies 4-0, but also achieved a single stroke of over 100. Among them, Tian Pengfei defeated Hawkins, whose overall strength was refined. Trump won 4-0 quickly, and Murphy and I both managed to score one over 100.

Yan Bingtao will play Mann again in this round. He was in perfect condition. After winning a game, he scored 108 points in the second game. Since then, he has scored 76 points in the third game, leading 3-0. In the 4th round, Yan Bingtao locked up and won 69-0, and then advanced to the third round with a 4-0 situation.

Tian Pengfei will be playing against Hawkins, who is an excellent overall player in this round. In response to the overall powerful enemy, Tian Pengfei achieved outstanding results. He scored 106 points in a single stroke in the first game. In the second game, Tian Pengfei scored 79 points on a single stroke and changed the game points to 2-0 with 93-0. Although Tian Pengfei did not make a single stroke exceeding 50 points in the third game, he still dominated the scene and won another game 88 to 29. In the 4th game, Tian Pengfei scored 53 points on a single stroke and won with a 79 to 28 lock.

Xiao Guodong defeated Fan Zhengyi 4-0. Among them, Xiao Guodong scored 101 points in the third inning. Yuan Sijun lost 2 consecutive games after tying the game to 2 to 2, and lost Jimmy Robertson 2 to 4. Jimmy Robertson scored 109 points in a single shot in the first inning.

Trump defeated Billy Joe Castor 4-0. In the first three games, Trump scored 71, 121 and 67 points in a single stroke. After winning three games in a row, Trump continued to work hard, winning another game 81-33 and defeating the enemy 4-0.

Murphy also contributed more than one stroke in this time frame event. He won 4-3 after 7 games with Burden. Among them, Murphy scored 116 points in a single shot in the sixth inning. In addition, Matthew Stevens also scored one stroke over 100. He scored 114 points in a single stroke in the first game and defeated Saguinte 4-0.

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