“Bama Lilang” Cup Tangshan Chinese Billiards Open Open

The “Bama Lilang” Cup Tangshan Chinese Billiards Open was held in the Tangshan Star Billiards Club during the Dragon Boat Festival. This match was due to the participation of famous Tangshan players Chen Haicheng, Zhou Zhihui and the resident coach Li Hui of the Liaoning National Star Billiards Club. The splendid scenes let the audience feast their eyes.

After three days of fierce competition, the finalists in the top 16 are: Li Hui, Chen Haicheng, Zhou Zhihui, Gao Fei, Wang Xiangqun, Huang Hai, Zhang Jingjin, Lei Yiwei, Han Jinsheng, Yu Zongxin, Wang Wenhui, Yan Ming, and the remaining four will be in This Saturday (June 18) came out, let us wait and see.

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